Saturday, November 29, 2008

“How To Lose A Babysitter in 10 days”

In other words, how to get fired from babysitting in 10 days. Thank you Child Ish Behavior and Frum Punk for the inspiration. So the last attempt to say good bye was unsuccessful and I figured it would be fun to write up a post on how to get fired from babysitting. I also have to thank the kid I was babysitting tonight for giving me some more inspiration, she asked me to read her an Amelia Bedelia book. Then I thought to myself, that’s perfect, I’ll use Amelia Bedelia tactics, I’m sure those are fire worthy.

Tonight I went babysitting by a different family and when I told her that Tuesday will be the last time I will be babysitting for her for ever, and for everyone. She had a bit of a better reaction. She said “o, because you have finals coming up?, I totally understand”. So I said “yea, I have to concentrate on school work more”. So then she said “what about our motzei shabboses?”, So I said, “sorry, no more”. So then she said “After you finish this semester will you be able to?” So I said, “As of now no, but we’ll see”. So she was much more accepting of me finishing babysitting (Thanks Jessica for the word choice, and Thanks Frum Punk), but she still had a sad face and still tried to grasp any bit she could. She was really nice about it, not at all like the other.

Day 1

  • Don’t change the babies diaper.
  • Let the kids eat all the junk food
  • invite friends over and have a party with loud music
  • let the kid stay up till the parents come home

Day 2

  • Let the kids color and paint the wall
  • let them play outside without their coats on
  • bring them to a neighbors house without telling the parents, so that they come home to any empty house

Day 3

  • Go to sleep and let the kids run around wild
  • let the kids go in the parent room and put on “dress up” clothes
  • try on the mothers jewelry

Day 4

  • Let the kids use black markers and scribble up their homework sheets
  • Talk on the phone the whole time while ignoring the kids
  • make prank calls by calling every contact listed on the emergency contact list

Day 5

  • say “yeah, right, whatever” to any instructions the mother gives
  • come late to the babysitting job
  • let the children watch TV the whole time
  • Let the kids use the computer and print out pictures using up all the ink and paper
Day 6 - Frum Punk
  • Driving lessons.
  • The roof: Your slanty playground!
  • Learning to cook.
  • How to cut up mommies clothes into even better clothes!
Day 7 - Lion Of Zion
  • raid the alcohol cabinet
  • let the kids drink the alcohol with you
  • teach the kids bad words
  • hit on the husband
  • hit on the wife
Day 8
  • leave the kids alone, and go out with friends - Mike In Midwood
  • threaten the kids if they don't go to bed - Muse
  • Read the Communist Manifesto to the kids as bedtime reading - Katie
Day 9
  • after the kids are sleeping, and the lights are off, taking a flashlight and hold it under your chin and make boogeyman noises at the top of your lungs!! - DavenedByDeKoisel
  • If there's a kid you don't like, then pinch them all the time - Tr8erGirl

Ok, now this is harder than I thought, I can’t come up with another 5 days worth of bad stuff to do. But if you have ideas, you can comment, and I will put it up with credit to your name. I had the idea to use Amelia Bedelia tactics, but I can’t seem to think of any, so any ideas would be appreciated.

Remember, this is all in humor, no babysitter should be doing these stuff.


  1. Amelia Bedelia's got nothing on you. After the second day even I would fire you. Thanks for the link.

  2. How about you the babysitter, leave the kids alone, and go out with friends.

  3. When my two oldest were little a babysitter tried threatening them with dire (pretend) things if they didn't go to bed. One of the girls replied: "That's not a nice way to speak to children." The babysitter wouldn't return.

  4. You're welcome.

    Day 6:
    Driving lessons.
    The roof: Your slanty playground!
    Learning to cook.
    How to cut up mommies clothes into even better clothes!

  5. 1) raid the alcohol cabinet
    2) let the kids drink the alcohol with you
    3) teach the kids bad words
    4) hit on the husband
    5) hit on the wife

  6. 1)Read the Communist Manifesto to the kids as bedtime reading...........

  7. Update: First of all, I'm so proud of myself for being strong and sticking up for myself. Today a mother calls up asking me to babysit, she said it will just be for an hour, I said "sorry, I stopped altogether with anything". So then she tried to play the guilt trip, and asked me if I can make an exception cause it's really important etc. I actually stood strong, and said NO! I realized it's not my problem if she needs a babysitter, I don't have to say Yes to do her a favor. If she needs someone so badly, then she'll find someone else!

  8. Update 2: The mother that I mentioned in this post, that was more nice about it, actually called me up and left me a nice good bye message, it was really sweet of her.

  9. Childish: Thanx, and You're Welcome!

    Mike In Midwood: ahh that's a good one, hadn't thought of that.

    Off The Derech: Thanx!

    Muse: ahh scaring and threatening the kids is another way to get fired. Actually sometimes the kids I babysat would mussar me, and sometimes the mother was there and overheard, and she would tell her kids that they can't talk to me that way. But I never really minded.

    Frum Punk: Thanx for contributing! and funny ones at that!

    Lion Of Zion: Thanx for contributing! Those are really good fire worthy ones.

    Katie: I actually never read that before, but I suppose it has not good stuff in there besides for it sounding boring to the kids. Thanx for the idea!

  10. How about the one where after the kids are sleeping, and the lights are off, taking a flashlight and hold it under your chin and make boogeyman noises at the top of your lungs!! That oughta do it,whadya tink bout dat...

  11. lol - now i know why i dont use babysitters! Just kidding!!! - you seem like a great one!

    I have a friend (married, in her 30's) who shall remain nameless, who babysits and there is a particular kid she doesn't like and she pinches the poor thing all the time!.....Ive always wondered why the parents dont fire her! I would!

    BTW 0 thanks for the kind words on my blog a few days ago!

  12. DavenedByDeKoisel: lol, that would work.

    Your welcome!

    Tr8erGirl: lol... :-) Thanx!

    oysh, poor kid, and that doesn't make sense on so many levels!

    You're welcome!

  13. Update 3: a mother that I haven't babysat by in a long time, called me up to ask me if I can babysit. I told her that I stopped babysitting, but I felt really bad cause I enjoyed babysitting by her. So I told her that really I would it's just I don't want my neighbors to see that I'm babysitting by other people, so I have to keep my word and can't make exceptions. Then I remembered that the night she wanted me I'm going to have my grandmothers birthday party, so it worked out at the end, that I couldn't babysit anyways.

    But she said that she knew I was getting older and she would pay me more. She's like the only one that offered to pay more, she's so nice, but o well!

  14. Update 4: So today I saw one of the mothers and she said Good Shabbos to me, and said she can't wait till I'm done with school so that she can have me again possibly. So I didn't know what to say, so then she said "It's a compliment" So I said "Thank You!", at least the relationship is still good.

    Then with the other mother who the "Good Bye" post was about, I saw they got a new babysitter tonight. I had 2 feelings for this, One- I was happy they got someone else so that I don't have to be bothered. Two - I felt a bit of a twinge of jealousy, that someone is replacing me. But I realize that of course they need a new one, it was just a strange feeling.

  15. Tembow: I used to get 5, then 6, then 8.

    The one in update 3 already started paying me 10 at some point, but most were paying me 8.

  16. Man, I'd think you'd get fired after day 1 :) Funny list though. I was chuckling the whole time I read it.

  17. :) hahah very funny contribution.. thank you for making me laugh.. something different.. and I am definitely convinced that this strategy is going to work out!

  18. Day 7:
    Hit on the husband
    Hit on the wife
    (I wonder which worked better

    1. Did this or the like ever actually happen to you?

  19. 1. Turn on the alarm in the kids room for 6 am
    2. Change every clock in the house a hour ahead

  20. Day 7:
    Hit on the husband
    Hit on the wife
    (I wonder which worked better


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