Friday, May 23, 2008

Is It That Obvious?

Sometimes I wonder if my love for children is that obvious. Kids seem to always know that I'm interested in what they have to say and that I want to play with them. Or even the mothers to know to ask me if I can babysit.

I made a new friend yesterday, where this kid on my block who just turned 6 saw me coming home from my other babysitting job and started walking me home and talking to me. Then there was a car sticking out of the driveway into the street so I went around the car into the street, so the girl asked me if I was crossing, I realized she still wanted to talk to me, so I said no that I was just going around the car. Although I did see different neighbors across the street so I was gonna go say hello to them. She continued talking to me when I was by my house so I sat down on the steps and waited for her to be done, but the conversation didn't end. Then her mother called her to to come back to her house, and she told me to wait outside while she goes to her mother and finds out what she wants. Then she came back saying she had to go inside now. She told me she wanted me to babysit by her, so she will tell her mother that when her mother goes away she should call me to babysit, so I said ok and told her to have a good night.

Meanwhile, this girl has lived on my block all these years and I never had a conversation with her before. She all of a sudden became interested in me, because a week ago I had been by a different neighbors house playing with the kids and she was there too playing with them. She saw how all the kids were all over me, so she commented "They really love you 'Babysitter'". So since then she became my friend.

Anyways, today I had a final and when I handed in my test my professor said have a good summer and the usual, then he showed me some pictures. I haven't noticed the pictures on the desk before. But then I looked at them and they were pictures of his daughter in some plays. I asked what play it was and he said "Oliver". Then I asked how old she is and he said "ten". She was a really cute kid and looks like she's a great actor too. I was wondering how he knew that I would be interested in looking at the pictures of hid kid. Other people handed in the test and he didn't say anything to them. So I wonder if my interest in children is so apparent.

Although there was one case where I wasn't interested in children. In elementary school girls would always bring in pictures of their newborn nieces and nephews. They would show off the pictures on their looseleaf and everyone would come around the desk "oohing and ahhing" about how adorable the baby was. To me it just looked like any baby. All newborn babies looked the same to me. If I didn't know who the kid was, then it was just a picture of another baby and I never gushed over them. But then if I would look back at pictures of babies of kids I already know, I would see the face resemblance and then the picture would have meaning and I would really enjoy looking at those pictures.


  1. I love looking at baby pictures of my family and people I know, but someone I dont it doesnt feel the same. It feels kind of awkward to do that.

  2. when my friend would bring in pictures of their neices and nephews, we would all sit around and discuss if the baby looked more like a prune or a squashed bug

  3. MikeinMidwood: I don't feel awkward looking at other baby pictures, unless their bath pictures, then yea it is a little weird.

    FrumCollegeGirl: We've never done that, I don't think I'd have the guts to say such a thing.

    But that's cool I'm not the only one that feels that way.

  4. When my kid was born, everyone was saying he looks like me, like my wife, like the grand-mas, etc.
    I think a baby looks like a baby, that's it.
    Unless it looks like yoda.


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