Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Uh Oh… I Feel Faint!

Last night I went babysitting and the kids were sleeping. I brought a long a pen and paper so that I can write a post while I’m there because I didn’t have any school work to do. So I wrote out a whole long post for my new blog “The Jewish Side of Me”, (which is having some technical difficulties right now and can’t be accessed).

After an hour and a half of babysitting, the mother comes home. She sees that I hadn’t brought any bags with me so she asked me what I did the whole time, I told her I was writing for a journal. Anyways, somehow the conversation turned to her previous pregnancy. She was talking about how last Yom Kippur she didn’t have to fast when she was pregnant because she had something called placenta previa. I didn’t know what that was, so I asked her “What’s that?”. That was probably my mistake, I shouldn’t have asked her. She got into a whole long discussion about what it was.

Then all of a sudden I started feeling like I was going to faint, I got that lightheaded feeling, and my ears felt like they popped and my face started feeling hot. I didn’t want to interrupt her while she was talking to me. Since we were standing by the front door of her house, I decided to go sit on the couch while she talks. I knew that sitting is supposed to help, so I moved myself to the couch, I wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do or not. Because then she came over and sat on the couch too and continued talking. I just responded “yea” and “oh” and words like that to show I was listening.

Then it came to a point where I just couldn’t take it anymore, so when I thought she was done talking, I just got up and headed to the front door and opened it. So she said “thanx for coming and have a good night” and I left and made it safely home. I realized I may not be so strong after all to handle such gory information. Just the sight of people after surgery, when they look different gives me a queasy feeling and I just can’t handle it.

Also, I have fainted before, so I knew what it was like to faint, I remember the feeling that came over me, it’s the same kind of feeling of when you get out of your bed quickly and then the fluid in your head isn’t settled so it causes you to feel dizzy and light headed. The last time I fainted was in the orthodontist office, but that I was okay with, I didn’t want to faint here by the house I was babysitting by. The mother gets hysterical over everything, and she wouldn’t have been able to handle it, so thank goodness I made it home.


  1. Hope you're feeling better.

  2. o manz... I hope u feel better!!

    Thanx for the link :)

  3. Hey it could happen to anyone. A healthy dose of emotional distance can save you from fainting though. Next time tell the lady that you are not up to handling her wonderful story. why should you have to sit there as she makes you faint?

  4. I really should've invited you for Rosh Hashana night, for Lamb's Head. Gonna post pics eventually...

  5. pix? O man. DOn't mess with the poor girl. lol

    btw my dad made some pickled watermelon!! will be ready in a few days :)

  6. I hope you feel better... and now I'm wondering what happened to your other blog?

    Sometimes people faint because of a combination of stress (hearing that gory story caused you stress) and being dehydrated or not eating well. Do you remember what you ate last? Or drank?

    Child ish B. has a good point; if you don't "inhale" other people's stories, if you can manage to keep an emotional distance and politely back away, you can enjoy less wear and tear in life.

    Have an ez, meaningful fast.

  7. Margo: Thanx!

    Jacob Da Jew: nahh it's ok, it's over.

    Jessica: thanx, actually I was better when I went to sleep, except I woke up with a cold, so hopefully the feel better will work for that!

    FrumSkeptic: Thanx! same as what I said before to Jessica. and your welcome for the link! :-)

    Childish: but really I didn't know I wasn't up to handling it till she was in the middle of it. In the beginning I was ok, then it just became too detailed. But I probably should have interrupted her, but then she would have felt guilty for ever, while here I just didn't feel well for a bit and then it was done with and I can forget about it.

    Reminds me, that looking at a Bris is another thing I can't handle.

    Moshe: lol, well see if I become brave when you put up the pics of it, but I doubt I would have been pleased to see it in real life.

    FrumSkeptic: Thanx for thinking of me! ;-)
    now the pickled watermelon is something I can handle looking at. I actually did always like science, so it's like a cool experiment.

    Leora: Thanx, I felt better right away, B"H.

    Well that's a good question, I tried to post something and I got an error, then I visited the blog and couldn't open it, so I went to my dashboard, and it looks like they thought it was a spam blog so I had to click restore, and now I have to wait till someone checks it over to make sure it's not spam before it becomes active again. The reason why they thought it was spam was because I had been linking to it a lot, cause when I used wordpress and your blog, I put in links to my new blog, and that's what spammers do. Hopefully it won't take them so long to activate it again.

    Right, so it probably caused me stress, to think of a baby in that position and not being able to get out and everything, I felt bad for the baby. With eating and drinking, that's what caused me to faint the first time, when I went to the ortho a couple of years ago, I hadn't eaten or drank before I came. So ever since then the ortho and dentist made sure I had a drink of orange juice or something before they worked on me.

    The thing is for some reason everyone tells me everything, I become like everyones psychologist and I listen to what they have to say. I can try to keep an emotional distance, but then they would think that I'm avoiding them and they will get insulted.

    Thanx, you too have an easy and meaningful fast!

  8. Hope you had an easy fast. Here it was nice and cool... SO GOOD!

  9. Wow. You know how they say the best way to cure a phobia is to immerse yourself in it? I suggest a couple of days in an abattoir. :)

  10. RickisMom: Thanx, B"H I had a meaningful easy fast, it was great!

    Frum Punk: what's abattoir? or i shouldn't ask? lol

  11. fs, is that a hint? ok, I'll bite. When yall want to come over? First day and 2nd night are out.

  12. moshe- not a hint. lol. Plus I told my dad if he's in the neighborhood when its done, he should totally bring some over.


    If not this time, I'll make dad make more. lol. he likes it, so its not a big deal. :-)

  13. I think I'm busy all meals. So I'm not gonna be the one choosing. Whenever you set a time, I'll let you know if I can make it.

  14. Bah, just choose a meal, 1st 2 or last 2.

  15. I love stories about surgery and blood sprouting out of people's livers. Kidding I wouldnt last a minute.

  16. I was so pissed off they didn't let me watch when my wife was getting c-section. I was in the OR by her head, but they put a partition, the bastards. Thanks to google video was able to watch one later at home.

  17. MikeInMidwood: so that confirms that it's not just a girl thing.

    Moshe: I just can't believe you sometimes! That's crazy! But actually now that you mention it, I once got a cool e-mail of a picture that you would enjoy. It was of a baby being taken out of the mother through C-section, and while it was being taken out or something the baby's hand grasped the doctors hand, so it was a touching picture.

    I heard that in a Touro branch, as part of one of the classes they showed all the students a video of a woman giving birth, I couldn't believe it.

    I can't even watch someone get a shot, let a lone watch someone give birth.

  18. Woman giving birth is a big deal? Med students cut up cadavers. Now that's something. Also available on google video.

  19. Moshe: I won't ask what cadavers is, but I'm sure it's gross too, but their able to do it because they chose that field of study, they know it involves that, so they have a tougher personality to be able to handle it.

  20. A cadaver is a dead body that they dissect.

  21. Moshe: sounds very cruel. I thought there's a Halacha or something that Jewish people can't do that?

  22. Why not? It's a problem for kohanim, but other than that, there's no halacha.

  23. Perhaps you are right, I always thought that human bodies were a problem to dissect, but that animals were okay.

  24. The thing is for some reason everyone tells me everything, I become like everyone's psychologist and I listen to what they have to say. I can try to keep an emotional distance, but then they would think that I'm avoiding them and they will get insulted.
    There must be an in-between, a point where the other person can feel heard but you don't need to listen to every detail. It's called boundaries. We all struggle, finding our best boundaries, when to listen, when to say, 'not right now'.

  25. Leora: yea, there's usually a balance for everything, I shall try to find that boundary.

  26. Moshe

    So you enjoy doing the disecting or just watching.


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