Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally Here: My Blog roll - Blog Reviews!

The post you have all been waiting for! I will go through my blog roll and write a little review of each blog I have on there. My apologies in advance if I leave anyone out. I’m going to go down memory lane now. I really have so much to say, but I see that if I don’t limit what I say, then this post will never be published. I am backdating the post, because I want it to be as if it was complete year of a 100 posts. You’ll notice that toward the beginning I included more links, and the last few blogs I didn’t include any, sorry about that, I was just running out of time.

  1. A Death In The Ballroom – This blog I came upon through “Off The Derech”. She had commented a lot there so I decided to checkout her blog. The post at that time was questioning being crazy. I had fun reading her posts and trying to debate with her about Judaism. She had put up a music video from the Disney movie Mulan. I had never seen it before and decided to check it out and then I found my own favorite song from that movie called Reflection.

  2. A Frum Punk – I forgot how I found his blog already. I’ve actually read all the posts from the beginning, since this blog started after mine and I found it in it’s beginning stage. It was actually fun to keep clicking on it to see if new comments came up after mine. I really enjoyed reading his posts. I like how he uses humor in a subtle way that makes you think he’s actually serious, I call them “Onion” types of posts. My favorite posts: Negiah, “I need a Shidduch”, “Oy, you never visit your mother

  3. Bad For Shidduchim – I have to say this is the first blog I ever read, before I even started blogging. I have to thank my friend Mindy for e-mailing me about this blog. The first post I came upon at that time was about what to wear on first dates. I couldn’t tell what kind of blog it was, if it was serious, funny, or rebellious. I then went through the archives and read every single post. I even printed them out to read over shabbos. She writes excellent posts that are humorous and serious but yet on topics we can all relate to or find ourselves relating to. I had fun counting up my points of how many things I was doing wrong. I’ve actually learned a lot from this blog about shidduch stuff that I would have never known otherwise.

  4. Bas~Melech Blogs! – I’ve come upon this blog through Bad For Shidduchim’s Blog. She is a true Bas Melach. In HS I remember they encouraged us to call ourselves Bas Melach, to help us remember how to act, like a daughter of a king. I actually remember a few songs about that. The first post of hers I came upon was about Interplanetary science, it was a truly excellent post. Perhaps even my favorite posts, they are about the differences between boys and girl’s mentalities and how to teach them correctly based on this. Later she started writing about her Camp Simcha experiences, and they were truly touching. She gave me such great advice to me, that I will always remember. At the end of it all she said, “You do what's best for you personally and then move on with confidence”. I think that is so important in life. She makes such a great teacher, her students are lucky to have her, and I’m lucky to get educated through her blog.

  5. From The Experience of a J.A.(C.)P. – She’s one of the few bloggers that I sorta knew beforehand. Back in my myspace days, she would tell me that she had a few blogs and I might have checked them out once or twice, but I never thought much into it. So then I forgot about them. Then years later, I was reading Bas Melach’s Blog and I recognized “Tzipi Caton” so I started reading her blog. She writes amusing stories about JB, and uses humor to write about the trials she goes through because of her previously being a cancer patient. I bought her book “Miracle Ride” and it was one of those books that you can’t put down. I already knew the ending already, so it wasn’t a surprise, but the whole time I was waiting for that ending to come.

  6. Frum College Girl – A college student with great words of wisdom. She had gone to seminary in Israel and sometimes writes about those experiences. She used to comment more on blogs in the beginning, but then seemed to have taken a break from that. She’s made quite a few interesting observations, also told in humorous ways. Some told in poems, some wrote out seriously, and some strange ones. Her posts are all so interesting, none ever boring.

  7. Frum Meets Wolrd – Written by a few from girls about interesting stories that happen when they met up with the rest of the secular world in a college setting. They have some really excellent posts there. Some are thought provoking, and some just make you laugh.

  8. Frum Satire – The most famous blogger that everyone seems to know, read, and talk about. Everyone loves imitating his writing style and what he writes about. He writes way too many posts for me to catch up with. I do have to admit that the ones I read were funny. Although he claims to be PG, I find a lot of times it becomes PG-13 or R. I’ve watched all of his you tube videos which are really great, a truly amazing talent to think of so much to say while ranting freestyle.

  9. In My Humble Jewish Opinion – She writes thought provoking posts mostly about topics of shidduchim.

  10. Insanity Now, Serenity Later – A computer programmer, spelling and grammar “nazi”, who loves beer and anime. He writes about programming stuff that barely any Jbloggers understand, that bring him the most hits from Google. He just had a baby and was kind to share videos of his new baby. He talks about the annoying, silly and foolish things that he sees. He also informs us on sales at glatt mart. He likes interesting food.

  11. Israel Chronicles – A newly Married girl who moved to Israel and writes about the awesomeness of being in Israel and all the different experiences she’s had there. In addition to America V. Israel comparison posts. She also writes great “Erev Shabbos” posts, it really makes you feel elevated and causes a love for the good feeling Shabbos brings.

  12. Jacob Da Jew – A cool blogger, you can tell from “Da” name! He likes writing about how us Jews can be better. His posts are short and easy to read.

  13. Material Maidel – Tons of interesting posts. Also, short and easy to read. Posts of “worth a listen” songs. She’s a frum girl who’s not afraid to talk about “controversial” (tznius wise) topics. One of the few blogs that I have read every single post from the beginning and kept up with! Always entertaining. My favorite Post: Are Romance Novels Assur?

  14. Mike In Midwood – I remember when he first started his blog, and I looked to see at the blogroll and was surprised to see that my blog was the first and only one up there. I felt truly honored. Later more blogs got linked up of course. His blog has became one of the “group”. He likes to write “frum satire” type posts. He’s got some really good humorous ones. I enjoyed the “If They had a blog” post.

  15. Not Just Typical – A humorous blogger who writes in a way that the posts seem like they are facts when really they are made up funny stuff. My favorite post: Help Me- I’m Online

  16. Off The Derech – I found his blog from a post Super Raizy made. Once I found the blog, I read all the posts from the beginning and commented on each one. But after a while it got a bit draining to debate so much, so I haven’t commented much. He seems like a nice guy who feels he has been wronged by the yeshiva system. But yet he is still considerate about his family and maintains the good memories of his frum time.

  17. On Winds Of Change – The second blog I read. I remember being intrigued by a comment he left on Bad For Shidduchim’s post. So I decided to check his blog out. It has been one long emotional roller coaster reading his posts. He has a really caring heart, who believes girls should be treated better. He wrote some really great stories.

  18. One Frum Skeptic – A really great fun and interactive blog to read. She writes about the frum foolishness that she sees. Lots of times I debated with her just for fun, but she is really smart and is strong in what she believes in. My favorite post: Jewish Kosher TV

  19. Philosophy and Mixtapes – I’ve seen her comment often on Frum Skeptic’s blog, so I finally checked out her blog. I left one smart comment and was honored by her response “Babysitter - excellent point. I have nothing in my arsenal that can refute it.”. She has written about her pregnancy experience, now that she had her baby, I’m looking forward to her “Mommy posts”. She also writes about philosophy and Jewish issues.

  20. Pocketful Of Sunshine – I noticed she commented often on Frum Punk’s blog, but I had never checked out her blog, because I didn’t realize it was a blog, then one day I clicked on it and really liked what I saw. So I read all the posts. She wrote about so many things that I felt I can relate to as a frum Jewish girl. Her blog reminds me a bit of Materiel Miadel’s, in that they are fun easy to read posts by a girl.

  21. Roadside Rambles – I first came upon her blog through reading her comments at HaAdam B’Alomo. She always leaves great funny comments. It took me a while to realize she wasn’t being serious, and to take the comment for what it is, but once I got the hang of it, and was on the inside of the joke, it’s been really fun. I’ve been inspired by many of her posts. I’ve linked up to them already in my Jewish blog. When I need some inspiration, I come to her blog.

  22. Shorty’s Adventures – I found her blog from a comment she left on a different blog, and I really liked what I saw. She writes long posts with lots of good links. I haven’t gotten to chance to read a lot of her posts. But I truly did want to. She leaves great comments which I am grateful for.

  23. Sporadic Intelligence – I first noticed her commenting on End Of World’s blog. Then End of World disappeared and I continued checking out her blog and commenting. I remember reading her posts and feeling I can relate to them. I look up to her for being strong in what she believes in and following it, no matter what everyone else seems to think. She’s a teacher, and sometimes writes about her observations of her students. All her posts have a point to them, sometimes you have to concentrate on that fact in order to find it.

  24. The Sabra – Kind of a partner with Rachel as a commenter on HaAdam B’Almo’s blog. She also writes great inspiring posts. She writes about all that goes on in Israel. She once gave me a link to one of her Israel posts, so I can better understand what is is about Israel that is so great.

  25. HaAdam B’Almo – I noticed he commented a lot on Frum Skeptic’s blog, but I had never clicked on his blog, because he had a “long Hebrew name”. Then one time I checked his blog out and it was really interesting. He wrote about thoughts on relationships and different Halachic kind of posts.


Blogs that I awarded:

  1. Beneath The Wings
  2. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
  3. Here in HP
  4. In The Pink
  5. Lakewood Falling Down
  6. Lion Of Zion
  7. Super Raizy

Blogs that have come and gone in my time:

  1. A Million Bright Lights
  2. End Of the World As we Know It
  3. My Personal Bubble
  4. Personal Rants Complaints and Probs
  5. Shidduchim and other Jewish Things
  6. Sweety

Blogs I’m checking out:

  1. Conversations In Klal
  2. David On The Lake
  3. Esther Hadassah’s Blog
  4. Faded Glory
  5. Frum N’ Flipping
  6. Half Shared
  7. Harry-er Than Them All
  8. It’s UnbeLIPAble
  9. The Corner Point
  10. Wolfish Musings

New Blogs:

  1. Baal Tshuva Slowly
  2. DavenedByDeKoisel
  3. In My Life
  4. RP Blog
  5. So I was Thinking…
  6. The Secret World of Princess Yuttele 

Additional Blogs by bloggers:

  1. Dargot U’ Dargot
  2. Places To Go
  3. Turquoise, Purple and Scarlet
  4. Your Writer’s Notebook
  5. Kosher Cuisine
  6. My Frum Side

Blogs I plan on checking out:

  1. Torat Ezra
  2. I’ll Call Baila
  3. Ki Yachol Nuchal
  4. Life In Israel
  5. Ilana- Davita
  6. A Mother In Israel
  7. Me-Ander
  8. Modern Uberdox
  9. Am I a Frum Feminist
  10. Daughters In The Parsha
  11. Delusions of Grandeur
  12. Frum Female
  13. Frum In South Florida
  14. Jew In The Suburbs
  15. Jewish mRNA
  16. Our Shiputzim: A Work In Progress
  17. Shavua Tov!
  18. Tales Of An Angry Jew
  19. Juggling Frogs
  20. A Blog Of Something Different

I think that about covers it all!


  1. thanks so much for the write up!!!

  2. My G-d, WHEN do you have time to read so much!???????????

  3. Thanks for the write up. Though in all fairness, I think I do more than make up funny stuff. Then again, you do have a point. ;)

  4. Thanks for the nice words.

    This post must have taken forever to write up!

  5. Back dating the post made it a little hard to find (only a little).

    As everyone else did, I thank you for the write up, and what does the "group" mean.

  6. Wrote a couple of programming posts and now I'm labeled for life...

    Thanks for the write up.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of blogs you read... When do you get so much time to read everything???

    Thanks for mentioning!!

  8. Wow!
    That was rlly interesting! :)
    And to reiterate what e/o is saying...how do u have the time?!

  9. So many blogs! I realize (from Facebook) that you are much younger than me. You (appropriately) read more blogs of people your age, while I tend to read those of my age.

    I'm so glad we connected! I'll click thru these throughout this week. I have a parsha post in my head; hope to get it up by Weds.

  10. Thanks. Though I'm not always being funny. Thats the problem with my humor, its so subtle sometimes people aren't sure. Thats why I always try to veer into the ridiculous a bit to make it clear when somethings too over the top to be true. It got me in trouble in the early days a bit.

  11. I just realized this was posted two weeks ago. How did I miss it?

  12. I didn't make it onto that list at all. :( Does that make me a nobody?

  13. "Kind of a partner"? Hun, we're married!

    'Sides for that, kol hakavod on your laborious labor.

    It's inspiring to be inspiring. Seriously. So thanks for that..

  14. Ricki's Mom: well recently I haven't been reading much...I used to be more on top of it.

    Childish: Your welcome, sorry about that, I meant to write more...

    Off the Derech: Your welcome, yea it took a couple of hours. But it took long, cause I procrastinated it.

    MikeInMidwood: yea sorry about that, but for google reader I think it would show up like a new post.

    Your welcome, group as in...Moshe, Jacob Da Jew, Childish, Frum Punk, Sporadic, Frum College Girl, Frum Skeptic and some others.

    Moshe: lol, I made sure to include other posts, and not just that one! But it does stick out.

    Your welcome!

    Aka BTS: yea, well I want to read all of these, but I haven't had the time, now I hope to catch up.

    Your Welcome!

    Thinking...: Thanx, and like I've said above, really I didn't have time, and I haven't been reading it all, but I do hope to catch up.

    Leora: yea, I've tried out some of the other blogs you read, but I haven't become a steady reader of any of those.

    I'm so glad too!

    Frum Punk: Your welcome, yea I know, I remember one of your posts talked about that...

    Your Negiah post was a serious one, and it was good too.

    And I backdated the post so that it appears I wrote it on Dec 30, but really I didn't. I just posted it yesterday.

    Something Different: Sorry about that, I had come upon your blog, and I meant to include you, but I guess there's always going to be a mistake. I included you now.

    The Sabra: lol :-) of course


    I can imagine, Your welcome!

  15. Thank you for the mention. I can hardly keep up with my own blogging "circle" and am constantly amazed by how many frum blogs there are out there.

  16. Mother In Israel: your welcome!

    yea, it's truly amazing!

  17. Wow.

    Thanks, Babysitter. :)

    You have a pretty good blog (two) yourself, I'd say... ;)

  18. thanks for following my blog all this time. :)

    sorry its been so hard.

  19. Thanks for the mention in the new section, especially given the sporadic nature of my posts. I do enjoy commenting on many of the "group's" blogs.

  20. Wow! ...wow. You seriously got everything up there...even lil' ol' 'lomo (that's me)! Seriously, this must be one of the, if not 'the' most exhaustive list of (Ultra-)Orthodox blogs (in and around the NY community). Bravo!

  21. Oh, and by the way, it's "ha'adam b'olamo (or "oylumoy", as Ashkenazim might say)...

  22. "(in and around the NY community)"

    Needless to say; there ARE no other communities besides those in and around NY...

  23. Did someone just insinuate I'm from or around the NY community? Thems fightin words.

  24. Babysitter- thanks for the writeup!
    And to echo someone else's question- wow, can't believe you have the time to read all these blogs! And comment! Kudos!
    Um, for HaTzair- as my blog suggests, I'm living in Israel....

  25. thanks so much!!! so nice of u!!!!

  26. Chriquer: ... And here I was thinking Yerushalayim was the center of the world.

  27. OK! For the record: When I said "orthodox" and "in and around NY" I meant that MOST of these people either are or were orthodox Jews, and MOST of them either live in NY, visit NY, or at least have something to do with people in NY (though obviously there are some in Florida, some in LA, some in the midwest, some in Israel, England and other fun places that aren't New York!

    Another thing for the record: New York sucks..big time! Representin!

  28. YoniYour welcome, no problem, sorry it's been so hard on you.

    DavenedByDeKoisel: Your welcome. Glad you enjoy the "group".

    Shlomo: lol, thanx! Although I would say it's more the tri-state area, including Baltimore, England and Israel and some other countries. Oops about the name, that was the impression I got from the Hebrew.

    Frum Punk: I'd say NY is the best!

    NMF#7: Your welcome! and Thanx!

    Espes: Your welcome!

    Shlomo: What? I like New York! But then again I've never lived anywhere else...

  29. Everyone: I put up a poll on my Jewish blog. You have 4 days to check it out. My Birthday is in 4 days, and I'm curious to know how old do you think I'm turning.

  30. Can those of us in the know participate? ;-)

  31. Oooh, I've just foundout you're thinking about checking out my blog - thank you! I hope you do get the chance at some point - and do comment on anything you like!

    And as i've just found your blog, I need to take a look!


  32. Rachel: Your welcome! I will try to get to it.


  33. Glad to see I'm being "checked out"
    maybe next year...

  34. David on the Lake: lol, this is from a year ago...

    Now this year I really haven't done much blog reading. So yea, maybe next year. :-)

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