Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three Guests Meme

This Meme is from Jessica. Thanx Jessica for tagging me in the meme. It gives me a great way to write about 3 things in one post! I don’t know who else wants to do memes, but if you want to feel free to do the meme. I’ll tag Margo since I know she has done a meme before and may want to do it. I'm also tagging Sabra since she said thank you for the tag. 

3 Guests Meme:
For one day you have your choice of guests for meals; one guest for breakfast, one guest for lunch and one guest for dinner. These people may be dead or alive. Please pick one person for each meal and explain why you chose them.

Breakfast: I would chose one of the mothers I babysit for. Since she seems to always want my company. Today she called up and told me there’s a sale at some beauty salon to get a hair cut for 18 dollars. So she wanted to know if I wanted to come along with her to get a hair cut. That she would get one and I would watch her kid, and then she would stay and watch her kid while I got a hair cut. She was willing to pay for the hair cut too. Now this sounds like a great offer. But yet it sounded strange. I told her I would but I just had lots of stuff to do. I was babysitting somewhere else in the morning and didn’t get home till after 1:00. She wanted me to go with her at like 4:00. I have a lot of HW due for tomorrow and I was planning on doing it today. She was upset that I couldn’t go with her. So to make up for this time and all the other times when I wasn’t able to spend time with her, I would have breakfast with her. It would be the perfect meal in the morning while she would be eating breakfast I would just sit and listen to what she has to say. I would maybe have some cereal or nosh. This way it wouldn’t ruin the rest of my day too so I would talk with her in the morning. O, and in case it sounds like I would be talking to her unwillingly, it’s not. I really do enjoy talking with her, she always has something interesting to say and it’s always a lot of fun. She’s like the one adult that I can talk to as if she is a friend.

Lunch: I would chose my mother. I love her so much and she has been such a great mother to me, I’m so lucky to have her! I would pick lunch because it’s in middle of the day, by the fact that we both take off time from our schedule to meet makes it special. We would be undisturbed and get to catch each other up on what’s happening. My father recently found some letters I had written to my mother when I was younger, and I couldn’t believe I had written such things. It gives me a mushy feeling to read it. So I know back then I loved my mother too and I plan on always appreciating her!

Here’s the 2 letters I had written to my mother:


Dear Mommy, I know how you feel about the brace. Because I feel quite bad that she has to go through all of these things and would you mind if I could hug you and kiss you.


Dear Mommy, I hope you’re going to like your birthday invitations. Well listen out for this one. I always wanted for it to be your birthday so I could make surprises for you. And so I also could give you birthday presents. And I hope your going to have a fun time. And your going to love when you see my test tomorrow.

Dinner: I would choose Frum Skeptic. I love reading her blog and commenting back and forth with her on different posts. She always answers back and has so many smart things to say, it’s always fun debating with her. It was great talking with her at the Shabbos meal and I would think supper would be great too. The way she describes Russian food it sounds great, and supper is the perfect time to have such a meal. I would also choose supper because then we could see how long into the night the conversations last, and it would be really cool. FrumSkeptic has such great interesting stories that I would love to hear.


  1. Excellent choices. Since you made the observation on my meme, I'll make mine on yours: you chose all women...

  2. Jessica: Thanx! lol yea that is a true observation. I had something else I wanted to tell you but I had to leave and now I totally forgot what it was, perhaps it will come back to me.

    The Sabra: Your welcome in advance, I'll tag you now!

  3. *blush*

    I do have interesting stories, don't I?

    I would love to have supper with you one night. :-D, I love debating with you tooo!!!

  4. there was an interesting post on a blog recently (orthonomics?) about whether it's normal for a mother to socialize with the babysitter. (although there the issue was that the babysitter was a young teenager.)

  5. Jessica: now I remember what I was going to say. I was going to say that just like you wrote it as a way of procrastination, I also did! Looks like I'm still procrastinating even now.

    FrumSkeptic: :-) yes you do! Yay, glad to hear it's mutual!

    Lion Of Zion: I'll have to check that out then. For some reason I still consider myself to be a young teenager , cause everyone thinks I am!

  6. Lion of Zion: Is this the Orthonomics post you were referring to?

  7. yes, although now i see that the situation is not analogous to your situation.

  8. Babysitter, lol! procrastination is the best medicine...? (I have no idea what I'm saying, lol)

  9. Lion Of Zion: yea that dealt with the financial aspects of it all.

    Jessica: lol that sounds good though, wish it was that way!

    My professor said next class if we don't do the HW then we are not allowed to come to class. So I have the weekend to do a paper and to catch up on like 10 HW's!

  10. answer to question on beneath the wings:
    (on signs differences in babies)
    Dear Babysitter,
    First of all, there are physical attributes that are pretty obvious in most cases.
    In addition, sometimers the children will do "weird" things. Ricki at one year of age was self-stiming" by looking at her hands a lot, and also used to sit and forcefully rock, banging her head on the couch. We managed to train her to stop these behaviors.
    Lastly, and most apparent to the parents, is the slower pace-- the longer time it takes to learn stuff. So they are always "behind" their same-aged peers.

  11. so much so, that i will post comment after comment

  12. until i reach that coveted status

  13. even if it means enduring word verification after word verification

  14. argh i'm still not winning. moshe, i see ur good w/ comments--write a few in my name yalla

  15. OOOH YOU TAGGED ME! Like not just in the comments, but in your post itself. IN DA POST ITSELF! People, this is a moment to freeze and relive it and relive and relive.

    Wait, shucks, does this mean I really gotta do it? Must I take responsibility for my actions n thank yous? I dunno--what if I get to top commenter? Do I get special exemption privileges then?

  16. rickismom: thanx, I saw your reply on your blog.

    the Sabra: you might have an easier time becoming a top commenter in the other blog, since the highest comment so far is 5 there.

    Perhaps I will take off the word verification.

    I tagged you because you said "thanks for tagging me". You don't have to do the meme, only if you want to.

    By January I will take a look to see who's top commenter, so you have time to catch up.

  17. Oh! I thought it updates it automatically..

    Can you please give me the exemption notice a bit more dramatically? Sheesh..!

  18. I'm a top commenterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  19. it does update it automatically! You just might have to refresh it first.




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