Friday, October 3, 2008

Refreshing Cleanliness

Cleaning and Organizing serve as a great motivational tool. People are naturally lazy and would like to procrastinate jobs for as long as possible. So normally you think of the idea of cleaning as a task that seems tedious and undesirable. But really cleaning will get rid of your laziness and make you more enthusiastic about getting things done.

Think of a room that is messy with piles of clothes, papers and junk all over the place. It becomes impossible to find anything you need. So you push off making copies of the paper needed because you just can’t find it. You push off doing laundry since it means you have to go through all the piles of clothes sitting there. You push off doing homework because you just don’t know where to start. You push off everything in general because you just don’t feel in the mood of getting anything done.

This feeling of laziness and procrastination can all be solved by cleaning up and staying organized. If your room is nice and clean and you know where everything is, then it would take seconds to find what you need. The mindset itself of knowing that your room is clean makes you feel happy and accomplished. The trick to keeping everything neat and organized is to put things away and get things done right away. If thinks aren’t able to be done right away then at least a to do list should be made which would serve as a reminder of the things needed to be done so that you can still stay on top of it.

Once a room is clean if you stay on top of cleaning and putting things away then it shouldn’t be so hard to maintain. Since instead of tons of stuff to clean you will just have a little at a time so it will be a less daunting task and appear more manageable to upkeep.

This is one of the reasons why children love going shopping for school supplies at the start of the new school year. They are excited for the new year and want to start off in a organized way so that they can stay on top of their school work. So parents should keep the children excited with the task of buying school supplies so they can feel good about school and want to do their homework. Better to buy the child a pen or Looseleaf they like so that they will want to use it, than to buy any school supply that is on sale.

This is also the reason why school’s have cleanup time where the children put all their toys away. Having a neat classroom helps the children focus better on what is being taught. There are less distractions and the atmosphere of a clean room itself helps them pay attention better.

Giving children baths and washing them up are also forms of cleaning that serve the purpose of making children happy. After a child gets a bath or washes their hands we say “all clean” and then they feel so good about themselves. It’s a refreshing feeling to get rid of the dirt and to be clean. Although sometimes right after their bath they may start to color and eat and become messy all over again. The child still feels good about themselves the times when they are clean. Children who are kept clean, faces washed after eating, usually appear happier, it shows their mothers care about them and are pampering them to keep them clean. While the children with dirty faces and runny noses appear to be neglected.

So the trick to being successful is to keep everything clean and organized!


  1. Here goes..My room is a mess. Its full of clutter.

    I have way to much stuff for the furniture I have. It just doesnt all fit. Everyonce in a while I donate a bunch of clothes, or I go through my desk shelves and recycle tonz of stuff. But still doesn't work. I have waay to much stuff.

    And the clothes in piles is all clean. So, thats not hte end of the world. :).

  2. You described exactly how I've been feeling for the last two weeks. Too much clutter had accumulated in my house, and it was making me feel irritable and unproductive. Over the last few days, I cleaned and decluttered my living room and my kids' bedrooms, and I feel so much better.
    Tomorrow-the coat closet! (Wish me luck)

  3. Only time my place looks somewhat clean is before Pesach.

  4. I usually clean when life is going well, when something exciting is happening that has no connection to housework. So if I work on my emotional life, sometimes that helps me drag to do the housework. Yuck, housework.

  5. you can clean my room any day!

  6. Man, I ALSO just..cleaned my weird..same time as the post...and superraizy...

    I admit, it'ds true what has been said; external manifestations reflect the internal. Messy room = messy additude towards life. I feel it in myself. And how can one train their children if they themselves are lacking?

  7. shriki, how are the meat plants?

  8. FrumSkeptic: Yea, I also have that problem, where I have way too much stuff and not enough furniture of where to put it all. About the clothes, that happens to me too, but so far I'm being on top of it and putting away my clothes right away after they get cleaned so that it doesn't build up. Cause if it's all in one pile then I look in my drawer and I can't seem to find anything, and I forget about the clothes in the pile.

    SuperRaizy: Good for you! I'm glad it worked, and Good Luck on the rest of the cleaning! It is a endless cycle after all.

    Moshe: lol, yea that's what I would expect would be the normal thing. I used to be like that, but then I realized it's easier to make small cleaning jobs, so that I don't end up forgetting about cleaning certain places and then worrying about having chametz on Pesach. But if it's just clutter with no place to put it, then yea Pesach time is good.

    Leora: Interesting, that makes sense, that's like the reverse, that you get motivated to do housework when your feeling good. That's why I listen to music in order to do any housework cause then it put's me in a more awake and energized mood to get working.

    Maidel: that should be fun! But really I may be a babysitter unofficially, but I'm definitely not a cleaning lady! But I do love cleaning places that aren't my own. Could find nice discoveries.

    Shlomo: that's a cool coincidence, my room still needs more cleaning, only step 1 was done so far. Exactly, that's why usually the houses that are all organized and clean have better behaved kids.

    the sabra: meat plants?

  9. Ughh cleaning. Lately I have been able to maintain the neatness when I was younger I shared a room with my brother. When he was bored he would clean our room. :)

  10. I just TOLD you. Shlomo plants meat everywhere he goes.

    -ho ho ho-

    (my word verification has 'neb' in it. how'd they know what i was talking about??)

  11. MikeInMidwood: Always great to have a roommate like that. My mother enjoys cleaning, so I let her do most of the work :-)

    the Sabra: what does it mean to plant meat?

  12. babysitter: ha! She's joking man!- I went to work in a meat plant (a place where cows are killed) for a while, and she was asking how it was! ...

  13. Shlomo, are you making up stories on Erev Yom Kippur??

    Cows? Huh??

    Don't confuse the poor kid...

  14. the sabra: I just chapped that you had asked Shlomo how the meat plants are, now it all makes sense.

  15. Sab... first off... SABRA!! I don't think such sanity is allowed to take place in the comment sections of the insane bloggers. (Babysitter, I'll say beforehand that this too is a joke- I am in no way implying you really are an insane blogger. Lovely blog here, honest. I'll have to take a closer look at it when I get a chance. :))
    Secondly, I can't believe you asked him about his meat plants. Didn't you hear? Wisconsin has world famous cheese.... Kehilla just declared it wouldn't be kosher to be planting meat out there. Poor kid had to throw out his botanical creations... right when he thought he was about to revolutionize the world of glatt with those meat plants of his. I keep trying to tell him to look at it as mere kapparah for worse things that could've happened, but he's just too devastated.

    Here's a napkin for the tears, Chriqs. Contain yourself. Simchat Torah is around the corner, and all the worlds tzures will be gone with its arrival.

    P.S. "neb".. heehee.

  16. I just chaped that by "chaped" you mean that yiddish word for 'understood'('grabbed').

  17. rachel: I seriously couldn't beleive that out of that whole da[rn] meat farm not even one plant sprouted.. perhaps you're right about that kapara thing...but maybe now that my spiritual slate is clean those stupid things will start growing already...

    I know, I know, the horse died a while ago...

  18. I had a bit of a problem with that one too. In writing, it comes off sounding like chapped as in "chapped lips" or "chapstick."
    Put a Kh instead of the ch... it ALWAYS makes it less confusing for me... even if it completely makes a yiddish word appear mid-eastern... we live in a diverse country, people can handle such seeming inconsistencies.

  19. Shlomo, give it up. Even if the plants do sprout, halakhic authorities will not permit you to sell them in any kosher markets/shuks/bazaars- what I mean is, no kosher community in the world will accept it. Cheese and meat plants just don't go... and we can't risk any cross pollination.

    Uh, Chriqs, the horse didn't die. Babysitter ate it... alive. (Don't blame her. She was feeling faint and I had to serve her something before she passed out.)

  20. Rachel: Thanx for the consideration, and Thanx!

    Shlomo: yea, that is what I meant. I didn't think it would be that hard to figure out.

    btw, I know someone in charge of a meat plant, ever heard of super glatt? it's a new company.

    Rachel: ahh I see, true point. But I can't use the "Kh", just doesn't look right to me, perhaps next time I'll just write it in Hebrew, although I don't think that would be easier to figure out. So then perhaps I'll just stick to English words.

    umm what horse are you referring to?

  21. I was referring to the one you ate, of course. ;)

    (I'm actually not sure how the horse bit came up. Shlomo mentioned something about the horse dying... I wasn't sure which horse he was talking about, so , naturally, I continued the story to my own liking. ;) )

  22. Rachel: lol, ok, I naturally thought you knew which horse Shlomo was referring to. So I'll ask him then. (Eventually I'll catch on and be able to create stories to)

    Shlomo: umm what horse died?

  23. haha. The horse I was reffering to, fine young ladies, is the horse in the saying "don't beat a dead horse", which is said about reusing and over-using joke material. i.e. I was saying 'I know we're over-using this joke to the point of it not being funny'.

    rachel: hey!..I also thought you knew what I was referring to!

    babysitter: I've never really heard of 'super glatt' actually, but it sounds right. be honest though, 'meat plant' really sounds like a place where meat is processed. A 'slaughter house' is the proper name for the place where the initial processes take place. ...just thought I'd clear that up!

  24. Shlomo: I was gonna guess that that was what you were referring to.

    Right, that's true.


    Quick! Babysitter! Do something!

  26. the sabra: lol...

    Rachel: we don't write to horses!

    I just finished cleaning my room! It really is refreshing, I shall try to always put things away and keep it clean, we'll see how long it lasts!

  27. the horse and shlomo and pete and the meatOctober 23, 2008 at 4:49 PM

    sabra and rachel are bseder

  28. Shlomo sings in a choir?

    Thanks Horse. Thanks Shlomo. Thanks Pete and Meat.

    Hey Babysitter! How was succos? Simchat Torah?

  29. Rachel: he does?

    Succos was good and Simchas Torah, how was it by you?

    btw, I restarted my new blog. The Jewish Side

  30. WAYYYYYY TOOOOO funny!
    You people are nuts! For real.

    The funniest is when Babysitter is : "Huh? Wha?..." While the others are just being plain narish/silly...

  31. Mishmum: Glad you were entertained.

  32. wait, something doesn't make sense. super raizy has commented only nine times and she's on the top commenters list!? I totally commented more than her. Even if ye exclude the times I commented as the horse ;)

  33. the sabra: I was wondering who the horse was, I figured it was either you or Rachel.

    I see you made it to number 6!

  34. Uh, Babysitter: You thought I was commenting as a horse and then replying to myself as a sheep? Heehee :D

  35. heehee

    rach, i don't think miri was as amused as we were. whadaya say? we direct her here and show her how bad we can be and then demand thank you gifts?

  36. Good idea. Let's.

    (And we don't pity all the people above who are forced to read this babble- er, profound conversation. Right?)

  37. Uh pity? That's why we had the 'unsubscribe' option added.

  38. Yes, but perhaps some remain hopeful that we address them- ergo (heehee), they have maintained their subscription.

  39. gosh this is turning into a facebook kinda situation. eeek. let's run.

    before i scamper away, i'd like to bid farewell to frumskeptic, superraizy, moshe, leora, maidel and all the others.

    (phew! ur patience was well-rewarded)


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