Sunday, July 20, 2008


My annoyances are rationalized. There is one thing that annoys me very much, it makes me go mad. One noise I hear and I feel banging in my head and want to destroy things. Sounds crazy but the noise that causes such a disturbance in my head is the noise of chewing.

I don’t know when it started but all of a sudden I hear someone munching on a carrot and I can’t stand it. I’m forced to sit at the same table but I try to inch my chair away or switch seats with someone else to further me. Or sometimes I just take my own carrot to munch on to out drain the noise even though I don’t especially like carrots.

During the week everything is fine cause I can have my music to listen to so I won’t hear it. Family gatherings or other parties have too much talking and music to hear any chewing so I’m fine. But at the Shabbos table it is the hardest, hearing all the munching and chewing.

Sometimes I feel like I want to take the food away from them to stop them, but I know that’s mean and I can’t stop them from eating just because it annoys me. I can’t ask them to leave or not eat where I am because that’s rude. So I’m stuck listening to it and get angry.

When I’m babysitting little kids and I give them a snack of super snack to eat, surprisingly their chewing doesn’t annoy me. I’m fine with it and could sit with them while they eat without getting bothered once.

Then tonight I got an e-mail about a site called Nice Critic. I thought it interesting and decided to check it out, I looked through the different categories picked: “General Behavior”, scrolled down and behold I see it: “You tend to chew very loudly”. So it does exist, people do chew loudly and it is a normal thing to be annoyed at.

Now I can kindly ask all those that chew loudly to please not chew so loudly in my presence!


  1. Grab a meat cleaver, stab it into the table right in front of the offender so that it sticks and in a very calm voice say "Your chewing is somewhat bothering me. Do you mind chewing quieter?"

  2. ...or you can just ask them to chew quieter. in my house we're crazy (well, some of us are) about noises and things like that

  3. I am with you on this. Ever since I was little people chewing with their mouths open puts me over the edge. It's bad when we get together with certain family members and they eat like this, I generally end up excusing myself from the table until I think almost everyone is done eating then I come and finish. Even my smal kids (ages 3 and 5) know that they have to chew with their mouths closed. C'mon people a little bit of etiquete. I could not have married someone with this habbit, it would have been one date and over.

  4. Moshe: That might help get out the anger.

    FrumCollegeGirl: yea, if only they'd listen...

    Honestly Frum: Glad to hear its not only me. I leave the table too sometimes when I can't stand it, then I come back when their done eating. But theoretically I feel like its not the proper thing to do. I'm hoping to somehow miraculously get over this.


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