Friday, July 25, 2008

The Digital Age

This time period is filled with digital electronics. People like stuff that are instant, easy, and convenient. People are attracted to electronics for this reason. I never really thought about myself as having experienced something that is now old fashioned.

There was an eleven year old girl that was going on a late night trip with day camp so she wanted a camera to be able to take pictures. Her parents bought her a disposable camera to use. After buying the camera, she was so happy she had her own camera that she started taking pictures of everything she saw. Now since her parents had a digital camera she always saw them taking tons of pictures. She didn’t realize the difference between a digital camera and a disposable one.

So as she was clicking away taking pictures with her disposable camera, I realized she didn’t understand that when she takes pictures she uses it up and there is a limit of pictures she can take. Meanwhile her parents didn’t stop her from taking pictures, and if they paid for it and they didn’t mind, then I didn’t stop her either. We were all laughing at how funny it was.

After this I appreciate my digital camera so much more. I mean it really is great that you can take as much pictures as you want and then delete some and you don’t even have to develop them all, and you can put them on the computer and e-mail them out. I remember a time when we used to have rolls of film, I thought it was so cool that if you pay an extra amount of money they will put it on a CD for you. I guess that was the beginning of some sort of digital form of photography.


  1. I'd stay away from disposable cameras. Both, the adult and the child will walk away with hurt feelings.
    Main companies stopped developing disposable cameras and what you see comes from China and cost a dollar. Any name brand ones are from warehouses and are old and expired. Both were most probably stored at wrong temperature and humidity and if you try to develop the film, you get nothing.
    I recommend getting a kids digital camera. They come in different colors, are drop resistant and cost around $50.

  2. I have a better idea, why not get the kid a water gun camera. That way the person taking the picture can have fun watching others get shpritched. Everyone goes home happy. And when the time comes to develop the film, there is none, because well, water doesn't take pictures.

    the true memories in ones brain are the best memories of all.

  3. Well...maybe your brain is still intact and retaining memories...mine's been on vacation for years.

  4. child Ish

    I agree those are the best and everyone does go home happy, except that one kid who got pissed off at getting shpritzed and made someone cry. Otherwise those are the best. I guess now being the digital age it would be those cameras that shock you hands instead of shpritz water.

  5. Moshe: I never knew that about disposable cameras. I bought a good digital camera for 85 dollars so compared to that 50 dollars sounds like a lot for a kid. But if they can take care of it and won't break it then I guess it would be a worthy investment.

    Childish: One problem with that, some kids would get hysterical if they got wet and wouldn't find it too funny. It also defeats the whole purpose of a camera. But it does save money on film and developing pictures and the camera itself probably only cost 50 cents.

    MikeInMidwood: that's what I was thinking. But shocking hands would be painful so that wouldn't be good. Water doesn't hurt, just could be annoying.

  6. oh..I remember the old days of film...
    Imagine only being able to take 24 pictures!
    and not being able to see them until the roll is done and given in to develop.
    And horror of horrors if the back pops open exposing the film..the pictures are gone forever...
    Seems like ages ago...

  7. David on the Lake: yea, and when you are on a trip and run out of film you have to pay an exuberant amount of money for a new roll of film.

    One summer I had used a roll of film in camp and took pictures, then somehow that same roll of film got into my parents camera and they used it to take pictures on visiting day at my brothers camp. When we developed the pictures they were really cool, it showed me and my friends, then it showed on the same picture my brother and his friends, and it amazingly didn't ruin the pictures. Now someone would use photoshop to make that effect, and here it came naturally.

  8. An awesome natural effect is, if you have a good camera, to set infinite exposure time. You set the camera on a tripod for a couple of hours at night and point it at the sky. Since the camera is constantly "taking a picture", you get stars making streaks across the sky.

  9. Moshe: that does sound really cool. But the camera would need long battery power to be able to do that.

    Speaking about cameras and exposure, I once saw this cool video on how to catch a picture in action, like the pop of a balloon as its popping, its this whole thing of attaching some sort of flash thing from an old camera to another camera then when you pop the balloon it senses the noise or something and it triggers the picture to go off and you get to catch it in action.

  10. The same thing once happened to me...
    And now my kids have "proof" that theyve been all over Europe..


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