Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blog Award

i_love_your_blogA little while back I received a blog reward from ChildIshBehavior for this blog. Now I will award it to the Mommy bloggers that I enjoyed reading. As for the Jewish bloggers, I will award them on my other blog with the reward Leora gave me for the Jewish blog. So now for the winners!

  1. Leora – I had seen her commenting on a bunch of blogs for a while, then one day I decided to click on her blog and I found the latest post at that time was about Gravatars, I thought it was a cool post, so I bookmarked it to come back to it later. A while later I thought about the Gravatars and that it would be cool to make one, so I went back to that post and made one. Then the latest post at that time was a colorful drawing that Leora and her daughter did together. I was so impressed with the way they worked on it together and read more of her posts, and then since then I’ve been a steady reader. I love how she spends so much time on her posts with the watercolors for her interactive Parsha posts and her beautiful pictures of flowers and skies.

  2. Super Raizy – After I had first started blogging, I came upon her blog and was very impressed with her Mommy skills, and the way she talked about her children. I commented a few times that she sounds like a great mother, and she really does. I remember her first comment on my blog saying how it’s interesting to see it from a babysitter’s perspective instead of a parents perspective. I remember feeling honored when she wrote a whole post about my spoiled children post and complimented me, although I had to correct her and take away some of the credit for myself, that it wasn’t all my own information, that I had actually done research on it, and yet she still said it was great.

  3. In The Pink – by Hadassah Sabo. I had seen her comment on a different blog and her last name sounded familiar. I knew someone with the same last name as her who had a blog so I clicked on it wondering if that was it. Turned out it wasn’t the same person, but I am so happy I came upon it, cause it’s an excellent Mommy blog. The first post I came upon on her blog was a picture of her with Tweety with a question, I actually thought of a good answer and it felt good to have solved the question. I love how she cares so much about her children, and treats them with such love it’s truly amazing. I am so happy she found her KoD!

  4. Lion Of Zion – I know he’s not really a Mommy, but given this, I thought he wouldn’t mind it again and that it would be funny. I am truly impressed by the way he talks about Jr. He sounds like a great parent and Jr sounds like an adorable child. He writes great entertaining stories about Jr’s adventures and yet is still responsible that Jr act like a good little boy. The post about Jr’s first day of school was really touching, to see it from the father’s perspective, and the child’s.

  5. Ricki’s Mom – all I can say is wow to this one! It continues to amaze me how she is able to discipline Ricki to behave, in such smart ways that actually work. It’s great to see the pride and love she has for Ricki. I came to her blog through a comment she left on Bas Melach’s post about camp Simcha. I had commented that it must be really hard on them to take care of these special children. Ricki’s Mom had suggested I take a look at her blog and see how these children are really the same. The first post I saw impressed me, it was an innovative way to get children to remember things with key rings of words or pictures on it. There were other cute innovative ideas like a little mail kind of method between mother and child. I enjoy reading her posts, the many posts she writes.

  6. Mrs. Lakewood Falling Down – she doesn’t really have her own blog, while her husband does. But she left great comments on my blog that I just had to check out her husband’s blog. Just my luck when I check it out, she had actually written a post herself. I was truly impressed with the post she wrote about buying a dress for her daughter online and how the people were so caring, and how she then thanked them. It’s not very often that you see people thanking the service people with such appreciation, I was truly touched.

  7. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – I haven’t read this blog so much, but I do plan on reading more of it now. I remember the first post I had come upon I was truly impressed by, it was a picture of a nice fancy table set for Shabbos, it looked so royal looking and I thought it was great how she sets her table so nicely, it really adds a respectful aura to Shabbos. Then recently I saw a picture of her chandelier which her kids decorated with dreidels and chocolate coins, I thought that was really cute. It’s great how she decorates things to give the kids more of a feel of the specialness of the Yom Tov, so that they feel they are participating in it.

Thank You all for your wonderful blogs!

And for being the wonderful Moms/(Dads) that you are!


  1. You are sweet! I'm glad you were flexible enough to include Lion of Zion. Parent Bloggers doesn't have the same sound as Mommy Bloggers. Maybe Mommy (and Abba) Bloggers?

    I've read all these except Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (did you see that movie? or the previous play, the Man Who Came to Dinner?); I'll be in for a treat.

    My daughter worked on paper dolls as a present for her friend today, so we are continuing our being creative together.

  2. What about us almost-mom bloggers? :-P

  3. I'm so channeling Sally Field at the '85 Oscars right now.... "You like me... you really like me".
    Thanks so much for the awards - both mine and the others!
    I can't wait to dive in to the blogs listed above that I haven't had the good fortune of finding on my own.

  4. Wow, that is so nice! Thank you very much!

  5. Great choices!! LOZ is definitely "one of us" LOL.

  6. Thank you very much! I already follow most of your choices, and couldn't agree more!

  7. Hey, thanks for the link. Rewards are so rewarding. That's why they are called rewards. :)

  8. aw thanks so much - i am so honoured to be in such good company.

  9. Leora: Thanx, yea, Mommy bloggers just has a better ring to it. Plus now I put up the link to one of his posts, which is why I included him with other Mommy's.

    Haven't heard of that movie or play. Glad you got a treat.

    That's great news! Glad to hear.

    Jessica: Good point, well I guess you started the first stage of being a Mommy blogger so that does count. But not to worry, next post will include a review of all the blogs on my blogroll. So you'll get your turn!

    G6: You're welcome! Glad to be a blog Shadchan as you put it!

    Raizy: Thanx, and You're Welcome!

    Mother In Israel: Thanx! yea, he definitely is!

    Ricki'sMom: You're welcome! Glad you agree!

    ChildIsh: You're welcome, and they definitely are rewarding. The concept of giving them and making people happy is so rewarding!

    HadassahSabo: You're welcome! Yea, you are all so great and deserving!

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  11. oops! I'll try that again under my name.
    WOW!!! Thank you! I was just catching up on reading and low and behold I have a prestigious award!! While I have not checked out all of the other awardee's blogs I will check them out too. I am glad you included LOZ. You should know his wife is also top rate. They are a very cute pair and it's no wonder that they have a great kid.

  12. Mrs. Lakewood Falling Down: Your welcome!
    I can imagine his wife is a great mother too!
    (and btw, I left a comment on one of the posts of your husbands blog to let you know that I gave you an award)

  13. I saw that after the fact :) but this was certainly a nice surprise.

  14. What?! Where's me?! I'm a mommy!

  15. hey on aug. 25 2008 you told me to comment here so im going to try it

  16. Sam the organizing man: yea, I remember, see I was right, it does work.

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