Monday, May 5, 2008

Made Just For Children

I came across a blog making fun of One Step Ahead, a website that comes up with innovative baby and toddler products. It was a great entertaining post, so I decided to check out the website and see which other products they have that weren't mentioned. There were lots of silly products, but then there were some that were really creative and useful.

For Bath time there are:

"My Own Shower"

This is great for Toddlers to learn how to take showers, with the water coming to them from a lower level. This way the water is more focused at them, and they won't have to be afraid of the big shower.

"Flo Faucet Cover"

This is great for children taking baths, to get the hair washed, instead of using buckets and cups. This way they get washed like a regular shower but with the fun of taking a bath.

"Shampoo Rinse Cup"

This is great for washing a kids hair in the bath. Instead of using a regular cup that leads to water getting in the eyes. This cup has a flat bottom that goes on the head so that the water will go straight back instead of falling down the front of the face.

"Shampoo Visor"

This is great for shampooing a kids hair, so that the shampoo doesn't go in their face. It also prevents the water from going in their eyes after the shampoo is rinsed off. It lets the kid play with toys in the bathtub without having to worry about shampoo going in her face.

"Bathtime Shower"

This is great for babies taking baths. They get to press a button and then water comes out like a shower. So they get to have the fun of a sprinkler shower while taking a bath. This way they can rinse off the soap with the shower.

For Night Time there is:

"Kid's Switch"

This is great for little children that can't reach the light switch. Instead of having to ask someone to turn on/off the light, they can do it themselves.

For a Child's Bedroom there is:

"Magic Wall Magnetic Paint"

This is great for hanging up arts 'n crafts children make. When there isn't enough room on the fridge, you paint on the magnetic paint on a wall, and the wall becomes magnetic so that anything can be hung up on it.

For Eating there is:

"Catch Bowl"

This is great for when kids are eating something with a spoon, where the food usually falls. This bowl has a tilted part that catches the food and rolls it back into the bowl so that it doesn't spill and waste the food.

For Safety there are:

"CareRails Mount Kits and Extension Kit"

This is great for when children go up and down the stairs and can't reach the regular railing. They get their own railing that is on their level.

"Easy View Back Seat Mirror"

This is great for when driving, instead of having to keep turning your head to check on the child, you can see the child through the mirror.


  1. Wow. You mean now i can take a shower without soap getting in my eyes? I'm so excited. I am going to ask my Mommy to get my a few of those things right away. lol.

  2. Those are some good products. I particularly like "My Own Shower". Some kids get really freaked out at being blasted by water from a full size showerhead. This looks like a gentle introduction to the skill of showering (and yes, it is a skill, one that some people still haven't mastered as adults.)

  3. It happens to be my uncle designed that kid light switch

  4. We used a mirror with music and lights for our daughter when she was younger and sat facing the back. Very good product.

  5. that light switch is for lazy kids :-P
    my son, 2 years 3 months, has been for some time using step stools and chairs. If he wants to turn on or off the light, he takes his step stool, puts it under the light switch and turns it on. He uses my toolbox which is higher than his step stool to climb into his crib. He uses his step stool to climb into his chair. He drags a bar stool to the kitchen sink to wash his hands or watch me wash dishes or cook.

  6. Great blog! Thanks for sharing. We were looking for babysitters in Montreal, Canada when your blog came up first on Google.

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