Friday, April 25, 2008

Robotic Age

The technology we have today is amazing. Seems like robots are very popular. There are robot vacuum cleaners that sense with there's something on the floor and vacuums it up. A robot like that doesn't seem like such a big deal because it is still a form of an appliance to clean, its not taking over a humans job. However, robot babies and baby sitters are another story.

Robot Babies were already discussed. Then I found out about robot babysitters. But really a Robot babysitter can't substitute for a real one. It can't look after the kids and make sure they don't get into trouble. All it can really do is entertain them just like any other toy. Although its interactive and can have discussions with them so that can keep them busy. It even recognizes the kids names and ages through a bar code. But for caring about the children's safety it can do nothing.

Sometimes entertaining kids can be very tiring. There are 2 types of children. There are those that just talk on and on and they are just commenting about things they see. Then there are those that question everything and expect responses. For the second type you have to be more awake and have a lot of patience while the other type, the commenter, you can just tune out a little. Here the robot will never get tired of having conversations with the children. Although I do enjoy talking with the children, that can be the best part.

The safety part can be harder, cause you have to be constantly on top of the children, making sure they don't get into trouble. It can get tiring running after the children all over the place. But then if they are kept entertained they won't get in much trouble cause they are kept busy and don't have time to make trouble. Although, if it gets too quiet then its a bad sign, its usually a sign of trouble. Like pen on the walls, or a surprise they made with good intentions that ends up destroying things and not much appreciated.

Here is a cute little video with a robot babysitter of a different sort:


  1. You make a very good point and that video is really amazing but the only problem with that video is when the kids dont listen then what is it good for

  2. japan is working on a robot that will recognize children by face (this they have done already) and keep tabs on them for a baby sitter, as in walking around talking to the kids, or otherwise interacting and also keeping tabs on them to make sure that they're within bounds and not wondering off or something. It can do other stuff too I think.

    but it still isn't a replacement.

  3. Sounds like you'll be obsolete soon!

  4. you'll have to read subtitles but here:

  5. mikeinmidwood: that's true, it can't force children to behave.

    frumpunk: Well soon I'll have my own kids IMY"H, so I won't need to be a babysitter.

    Yoni: that's cool, too bad it wasn't in English, but I got the idea of it.


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