Sunday, June 29, 2008

Washing Hands

Have you ever wondered why you have to wash your hands when they appear to be perfectly clean? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if you don't wash your hands frequently you can pick up germs and infect yourself. Germs are still Germs and a bathroom is still a bathroom, no matter if it is a public bathroom or a bathroom at home therefore it is important to wash your hands after using any bathroom. First we will go over how not to wash your hands, then we will look at the proper way to wash your hands, and for when there is no running water, how to wash your hands with hand sanitizer.

How Not to wash your hands:

  • Don't use a splash of water and a drop of soap

  • don't use a standing basin of water to rinse hands

  • don't use a common hand towel, always use disposable towels in day care or food preparation settings.

  • don't use sponges or non disposable cleaning cloths since germs thrive on moist surfaces. 

How to Wash your hands correctly:

  1. In a public bathroom where there is a paper towel dispenser, push the lever up and down to release some paper towel, leave it hanging there

  2. Turn on the water

  3. Wet your hands with warm running water

  4. Add soap, and then rub your hands together making a soapy lather. Do this away from the water, for 15 seconds. Wash the front and back of your hands, as well as between your fingers and under your nails.

  5. Rinse your hands under warm running water.

  6. Tear off the paper towel you have dispensed before

  7. Use the paper towel to turn off the water

  8. Use the paper towel to push the lever up and down to release more paper towel

  9. Pat your hands dry with the paper towel

  10. then open the door using the same paper towel, and then throw it in the garbage.

How to wash your hands with hand Sanitizer:

  • So long as it contains more than 60% alcohol it will do the trick

  • you can use it when there is no running water available, it's most common in health care settings.

  • Use it when there is no visible dirt on your hands.

  • Put on enough hand sanitizer that should be about the size of a quarter onto your hands, enough that when you rub your hands together it should cover all areas

  • then rub your hands and evenly distribute it till your hands are dry.

  • hand sanitizers are very safe, there is no need to worry about the alcohol, because it completely evaporates as it dries.

In conclusion, washing your hands is very important to stop the spread of germs and prevent diseases. You should wash your hands the proper way since a splash of water won't be sufficient. Children should be encouraged to wash their hands before eating, after coming in from the outdoors, and after using the bathroom. Since children learn by example, show them good hand washing techniques so that they can learn from you and do so too.


  1. Is rubbing your hands on a hard surface good?

  2. That might just be good for if you touch your shoe or hair or other things you shouldn't touch before you Daven, but germs wise I wouldn't think its good, cause there's nothing to take the germs off your hands. Soap is able to take the germs off, a hard surface might be able to take dirt off, but not the germs. Everything written in the post above was researched. But what I'm saying now in the comment is just what I think.

  3. Like you wrote its only good for Davening to get off the dirt. That is what made me think wiping hands on hard surface.

  4. Sanitizer contains 60% alcahol?! Can I drink it?!

  5. Yea, it contains 60% or more alcohol. I checked the ones I have contain 62% ethyl alcohol which acts as a antiseptic.
    But no, I doubt you can drink it!

  6. Moshe: Only if you were using bad language and you need your mouth washed out with soap. Hand sanitizer will be a good substitute for the good soapy cleaning.

  7. ...Children should be encouraged to wash their hands before eating, after coming in from the outdoors, and both before and after using the bathroom.

    (You want your hands clean before you touch, right?)

  8. Anonymous: good point, but then again if you wash your hands after all the times you are supposed to, then your hands should be clean.


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