Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Babysitting Job or Office job??

Tomorrow I have to make a big decision. To keep my office job and stop my babysitting job or to keep my babysitting job and stop my office job, once school begins again and winter break is over.

There are pros and cons to each one. The office job is a job where I'm never bored and I always have something to do. The office job pays a few dollars more an hour. However, the babysitting job is easier cause there's no work to be done and I love the kids.

Mrs. Y needs me for babysitting and she has no one else. Mr. A who's my boss at the office can get a replacement.

I've always found it hard to say "no" to someone. But now I think I will turn down Mr. A and stop working in the office, and continue working with Mrs. Y babysitting her triplets.


  1. Decisions in life are tough.

  2. Another thing you may not have thought of is that having an office job is an excellent professional reference whereas having been a babysitter is nothing in the real world.

    There is also the flexibility of babysitting though. With an office job it's set hours. With babysitting you can turn down jobs when you want more free time.

  3. yea, that's true about it being a good reference, something to put down on a resume. The thing is I wasn't even looking for a job, if I wanted a job then I would look for the right one. Like in the summer maybe I'll get an internship or work for a small accounting place near me for experience. So then at least its accounting which is my major rather than just office stuff.

    But I'm actually happy with my decision so far. It's a little tough trying to control the kids at times, but its worth it at the end when they give me a hug at the end of the day and tell me they don't want me to go. lol


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