Thursday, January 17, 2008

Triple Trouble!

Today I babysat for Mrs. Y's triplets. I've never had any major happenings while I was babysitting by anyone else. But by Mrs. Y's house it seems like there's always some sort of trouble.

First, last week when I was babysitting by Mrs. Y so she can go to a wedding, one of the triplets was jumping on the bed and then she started crying that she hurt her toe. I thought she pulled a muscle or something and that she would be better. She cried on and off and then fell asleep. I told the mother what happened and figured that was the end of that. But then the next day Mr. Y calls me and asked me to babysit again cause his daughter is in the hospital, she had broken her toe. I babysit there. Then Mrs. Y called me to thank me for babysitting last minute that she had no one else and I was a "lifesaver" I told her I was sorry about what happened to her daughter. She said no problem, she said the reason how she knew that something was wrong was because when she tapped her daughter on her foot, she cried out in her sleep "ow" so thats how she knew something was wrong. Thank goodness, she's alright now and she's walking, so it turned out alright.

Today, while babysitting for Mrs. Y's triplets, the same kid that broke her toe, opened the sliding door that goes out to the porch and caused the alarm to go on. The kids got all scared and went to hide in the bathroom. I called the mother and she didn't answer. Then I called the father and he told me the code and I was able to stop the alarm. Then The alarm security place called to make sure everything was alright. I told them it was a mistake. Then the mother comes home and then the police comes, she told the police that it was a mistake and the police car went away.

Nothing like that has ever happened before in any other houses, thankfully. It was an experience I hope doesn't happen again. Hopefully, the rest of my babysitting there will be smoother.


  1. Whoa. That's quite a story. But we'll have to get used to it!!! We'll have kids of our own, beh. And we won;t be just babysitting...

  2. yea, that is very true, I was thinking about that afterwards. That things like that could happen with out own kids!


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