Saturday, January 19, 2008

Traumatic Event

This Traumatic Event happened a while ago,, In June 07. It happened by Neighbors the Z's who have a family of 11 kids with 9 girls and 2 boys. The oldest is 16.

One day, I was getting ready to go to class so I walked down my block then I saw my neighbors so I started talking to them, then one kid points out that there is a dog coming and it was loose, so we all quickly try to run into the house, but what happened was, it followed us, and I feel really guilty about this part and it scares me to death but I got in with 3 kids and there were still 3 kids outside a 13 year old, a baby and a 2 year old, and the dog came up to the door, so I had no choice, I had to close the door, I closed it on the dogs face and the other 3 kids didn't get a chance to come inside, I felt so bad, I was crying and screaming and I almost had a heart attack.

Then the 13 year old was able to get the baby quickly out of the carriage, and the other kid and they went down the drive way to the side door and the dog followed them and came up to the 2 year old and started like licking the kid, so the mother heard screaming so asked what happened, so we told her and then she went opened the side door and they were able to come inside, and another kid came back around the front and I let her in. Then when I was sure the dog wasn't there anymore I left to class and I got there late. But I was so scared and trembling, and I felt so guilty about leaving the kids outside but I had no choice otherwise the dog would have went into the house.

It scares me to think about it, the reaction I had probably wasn't the best. Thank goodness the kids were alright at the end. But now every time I go to the Z's the kids would tease me and say there's a dog coming, they know I get scared by it so their good natured about the whole episode and don't blame me for it.

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