Sunday, July 13, 2008

Amazing Child Singer --- Connie Talbot!

Connie Talbot

She is an amazing singer, with a soft innocent voice.

6 year old Connie Talbot sings 6 songs. 5 Live performances and 1 music video.

Songs Include: "Over the Rainbow", "Ben", "I Will Always Love You", "You Raise Me Up", "Smile", "Three little Birds".


  1. poor girl, she's going to find she has the voice of an old woman before she's 20 if she keeps up with this. . . :(

    my music professor suggested that we never, ever let our children under the age of about 18-24 do this sort of thing, litteraly no matter who talented they were, cause stressing the vocal mechanism before maturity at 24 or 30 was suicide for our voices. . .

  2. Yoni: why will she have a voice of an old woman before she's 20? because her singing is mature?

    She never took lessons, it just came natural to her, and she chose the songs on her own, no one made her do it.

    but yea it does seem like hard work to sing such songs.

  3. forget about ruining your voice, it bothers me when i see kids that are on shows and stuff for their talents.

  4. frumcollegegirl: well since I could never imagine it happening to a Jewish girl because its forbidden I can't really picture it. But there are Jewish versions where there are school plays and other venues where they can sing for a show, there's one school of performing arts that has over 300 students and a lot of them are young, even younger than 6. Its a talent Hashem gave them and it makes them happy to sing on stage I see nothing wrong with it.

    I love this kid Connie's singing so much, that I bought her CD, and one song that's not from this vid is such a great song, and the way she sings it makes it so much better because of her kid voice.

  5. mostly its the projection issue. you overwork your vocal cords and they develop stones.

  6. Amazing how my video already has over 5,000 views!

  7. Just to say I really enjoy this sweet, funny, precious child and her singing. I am a Christian that just happened on her performance and I must say I pray all of you who help her sing, will keep her spirit from being ruined as so many young people get from being in the public eye. I pray she remains sweet and loving. I would also take information that others give you to heart and check it out. She really could ruin her voice by over singing, but check with a Doctor first. She can sing, just don't over do it.
    Her song, He raised me up, is one of my favorites anyway and she did it beautifully! She reminds me of my Grandson who is 3. Their lives are more precious than just showing them off to the world. I just say be careful. Protect her innocence, and Give her Jesus!
    I hope this doesn't offend you with your own belief. I just have to share my heart for this precious little soul.
    God bless you all!

  8. you guys are horrible making her sing at such a young age if she gets to become a singer she wont be able to live out her dreams

  9. she has a beautiful voice, just enjoy it and all will be fine.

  10. beautiful.......wish i could sing like her ...If she takes a few singing lessons she'd be fine....


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