Thursday, July 3, 2008

Going out in PJ’s

Ever see children out at night in pj’s? They look so comfy looking. There’s something about kids in pj’s that makes them look so much cuter and huggable.

I remember as a kid maybe once going out at night in pj’s. It was when my mother gave birth to the next set of twins. My siblings and I had to be driven to relatives to stay by. Because it was in middle of the night and it was an emergency situation we went in our pj’s, we were still young then.

I used to have nightmares that there would be a fire Chas V’Shalom, and the scariest part was having to go out in pj’s. But it seems like plenty of kids don’t mind leaving their house that way. I’ve seen kids at restaurants in pj’s. I’ve seen kids playing outside at night in pj’s.

Mothers probably do this so that they won’t have the hassle of getting the kids changed before bed. They figure it will save them time. It’s a psychological trick as well, they tell the kid to get changed into pj’s, but not to worry they don’t have to go to sleep, they can still play outside. This way the kid gets changed accomplishing the first task of going to sleep, making it easier for the mother when it is actually time to go to bed, so there’s no fighting it.

The only problem I have with this theory is that it defeats the whole purpose of pj’s. The purpose of Pj’s is to have a nice clean comfy set of clothes to wear to bed. If the child plays outside in his pj’s then he is getting it dirty, if he goes to bed in those pj’s he might as well have gone to bed in his clothes.

If a family is taking a long drive at night, then its smart to change the kids into pj’s before you leave and let them sleep comfortably in the car. Bring along pillows and little blankets too, to help them rest better.

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  1. I go out to throw out garbage in a kimono and bare feet. :-D


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