Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day Camp

Day camp is great for families where parents are working and can’t entertain their kids in the summer. Its also great for stay at home mom’s, to be able to send their kids to a place where they know their child will have a fun filled summer.

However, it seems like parents are always wanting to send their kids away. Parents are so excited once day camp finally starts. They even wish they had day camps for babies.

“****wishes there was camp for babies too”

“Day camp finally stared today! Hooray!”

“only x days left till day camp starts, thank goodness”

Now why is this that parents always want to send their kids away?

I can understand parents need breaks here and there. But kids are mostly in school the whole week, for the few days that their off, it is an opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children. There are so many great places to go with children, that are even free too.

Parents are relying so much on others to care for their children, that when the child has off the parent doesn’t know what to do with the child. I can understand you don’t want to be cooped up in the house with a bored child who might drive you crazy. But you can do productive stuff together. Use the day as a day of taking care of errands that had to be done with the child then have lunch together and bond. If it is younger children, you can still have fun with them too. 


  1. In a way though I understand these parents. Usually the kids are in school and being entertained by the funny clowns that they call teachers. Now the parents are upset that they have to play the role of clown for the children and they are glad when the camp counselor takes their place. It's not like they don't like being parents, they just don't like being clowns for their kids entertainment.

  2. That makes sense the way you put it. But the answer to that is, the parents don't have to entertain their kids when they have off. They can spend time with them without it being hard on them. Even do regular stuff, like clean the house as regular and the child could just watch you clean or cook.

  3. Even do regular stuff, like clean the house. . .

    Exactly. Now if only I could get my own life in order so I could reach that stage.

    There's something very soothing about stepping through a daily routine. Maybe it is the unrushed manner in which I have let myself float through time?

    RE Camp:
    On the other hand, now the city core won't be quite so overrun with youngsters. Keeping busy keeps me out of trouble--and I think that applies to most personality types.

  4. Anonymous: Maybe "cleaning the house" isn't a good example. In every household its different. But in some the mother enjoys cleaning, so when she's off from work that is what she is doing, so if she's doing it anyways, then the kids can watch. In other households it may be something different the mother does when she has the day off, whatever it is, the kid can watch, unless it is something inappropriate, then maybe she shouldn't be doing it.

    That's true it can keep kids out of trouble, but the kids age that I'm talking about is from the age of 2 till 12 maybe, and at that age kids don't go to the city and do other stuff to get themselves in trouble. Only the independent older teens go out on their own and would get themselves in trouble, in that case they are not attending day camp.


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