Friday, July 11, 2008

Don’t Hide It -- Show It!

Hiding is not the answer. Most people who say that the Internet is bad, say it because they want to hide the bad stuff out there so that people won’t come in contact with it and then want it. I say the answer is not to hide it, don’t forbid the Internet. Rather teach people out there what is permitted and what is forbidden. Teach them a foundation so that they will not want to do the bad.

Same with children, if you have something valuable that you don’t want the kid to touch, you shouldn’t always have to hide it in places where they can’t reach so they don’t touch it. Once the kid is old enough to understand not to touch, teach them not to touch. If your always hiding things from kids and never teaching them not to touch, then if something is in their reach they’ll take it, not knowing better.

I used to be amazed how certain houses with little kids have plants full of dirt in the dining room in reach of children. I wondered how they were able to keep it there, wouldn’t the children play with the dirt? The answer is no, since the plants were always there, the kids were used to it, the parents taught them not to touch, so they learned and didn’t touch.

Don’t be afraid to have fancy stuff for fear that the kids will break it, you can have all the fancy stuff you want. Of course at times kids will be clumsy and break things, but adults do that too. As long as the stuff are safe for kids then it is ok. Don’t have sharp knives lying around, but then again teach your child that it is dangerous. If you don’t teach your child why not to touch these things, then your going to be in trouble the one time you forget to hide it.


  1. I absolutely agree. The goal is not to protect your children from the world, but rather to teach your children how to properly live in the world.

  2. Exactly, otherwise, they'll be ill prepared to face all those things you're hiding from them.

    Btw, most people who say that internet is bad don't even have a computer.

    I have swords hanging on my walls. I have oil burning on the table on Shabbat until at least 2PM. Paper shredder, computer and laptop w/in easy reach. And other things. My 2 year old knows what he can touch and what he can't. Some things he play with, others he can't and others he can with my supervision. If you don't want kids touching something, don't tell them no and yell at them, tell them they can touch it with adult supervision.

    Liberal media wants you to believe having a gun is wrong because your child can take it and hurt himself or others. Yet this doesn't happen in states with loose gun laws and it didn't happen in the old days. Why? Because kids were taught how to handle guns.

  3. Moshe: I'm not so sure what I believe in with the whole gun issue. I'm undecided. But about being able to have guns in the house with children and not worrying about the children using it, I agree with you. But to add on, my prof said that we need to teach people emotional intelligence on how to deal with anger and frustration so they won't use their gun when their angry, then guns would be allowed. The problem is even adults can't control themselves and will use a gun for no real reason, and that's the danger.

    Also, studies show that most deaths from guns that were in the house weren't because of improper use, but rather suicide. So if guns aren't allowed then there will be less suicides.

  4. Your prof sounds like a liberal. Guns are banned in states like NY because of teh liberal idea that taking away guns means criminals won't be able to get them. Definition of criminal is someone who doesn't obey the law though.

    Regarding suicides, also not true. If they don't have a gun, there are knives, cars, trains, suicide by cop, etc.

    Florida got rid of gun laws and crime dropped. There are no hundreds of angry people going around shooting everyone. I read a news item about a town in the west where they had a lot of crime so they decided to completely get rid of gun laws. Result, crime dropped to almost 0 and population and economy tripled.

  5. Well my prof was mugged 7 times so she does believe we should got a permit to have a gun, but she's only allowed to have it in her house, she can't carry it outside and I'm not sure if she's even allowed to use it.

    That's true there are other ways to commit suicide if someone wanted to.

    Your right, that's another thing, in places where they allow guns, there is less crime to steal the guns and its a more peaceful place. But in Nebraska they have no gun laws and people can carry it to theaters and wherever they want, then what happens if someone gets in a fight, it can be dangerous, like one of those movies.

  6. Movies aren't real, things don't happen as they do in movies. This is why I hated all of the Ocean's movies, absolute bs.

    I very much doubt, even in a fight, a normal person would start shooting. There's this problem of going to jail even if you don't care about the people you shoot. Plus there's the death penalty.

    You can carry a knife in most places, though it is harder to use than a gun, yet there are no massive knife fights in movie theaters. ;-)

    If you're crazy and you want to kill someone or mess someone up. You don't need a gun.

  7. We had a plant in the house and taught our daughter that its off limits.

    BTW, added you to da blogroll.

  8. Moshe: you are right, I have to agree. Plus the way people could mentally torture you would be much worse than a gun shot.

    Jacob Da Jew: So my theory works then! Good for you!
    and Thanx for adding me!


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