Thursday, April 10, 2008

"I Need an Excuse - Pull My Tooth"

A lot of times children dread certain situations, and their way to get out of it is to make an excuse. The most common excuse is "I don't feel well". A child could be acting fine the whole day, then all of a sudden its homework time and they say they don't feel well so they shouldn't have to do it. When there is a test at school that their not prepared for, they will make their forehead hot and act weak so that they won't have to go.

Usually mothers can tell when their children are faking it or not, and they almost always end up having to go to school at the end. Once they are in school it turns out not so bad as they thought it would be, and they come home happy as if they hadn't been dreading school that same morning.

Although sometimes it can be true that they are not feeling well. One of the kids I was babysitting said he wasn't feeling well. He usually said it when it was time to do homework. It could be because that was when he started thinking about how he was feeling cause he didn't want to do homework. His voice was horse a little and he didn't look so good. But yet the mother figured he was just faking it, so she told him if he isn't feel well then she will take him to the doctor that night. He didn't want to go to the doctor so he did his homework. But then at the end he was sick, cause I caught it from him, it was just a cold though so it was okay.

It could be psychological, but you don't have to be a child to use this excuse. Most times when people want to take off from work they call up saying their sick which is usually not the case. In that situation the boss can't really check on the worker so they assume the person is telling the truth, although there are a limited amount of sick days. However, fireman and police man can't just take off whenever they want, the company actually calls them up to make sure their at home and not shopping. They have to give an exact schedule of when they are going to the doctor and when they will be home and then they send people to check up on them.

Anyways, a few weeks ago I had a project in school that I was dreading. My mouth was hurting me a little, so I hoped it meant I could get another wisdom tooth out so that I would have an excuse of why I can't talk. Usually I dislike going to the dentist, but here I actually hoped my tooth would be able to come out. I caused myself more pain, biting on my cheek so it would make a mark to fool the dentist. Then the dentist said the tooth wasn't ready to come out. I was a little upset, I ended up going to school and my group gave their project and it went alright. After that day my mouth hasn't even been hurting me, so it was all psychological.


  1. Oh dear gd..I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed over the summer, and I would NEVER go throguht that again. The dentist did the less-painful side first (teeth were growing in straighter than the other side), had he done the painful side first, I wouldnt have ever come back...OUCH!

    Anywayz, back to the actual point of the post, not just the example...I have made myself sick before so that I wouldnt have to go to events and such. But I can honestly tell you I have made myself physically sick a couple of times.

    Once I was totally stressed out about this guy I was kinda seeing, becuase he was an idiot. And I found myself literally having a fever. There was nothing wrong with me at all. I went to the doctor, she didnt prescribe anything, said I was fine "probably just tired" soon as I changed my attitude towards the situation, I got better.

    Then, more recently, something occured that really really shocked me. Like I requestioning every decision I've ever made in my life regarding a particular situation. And I found myself with a fever again (felt fine, just a bit weak, no coughs or sneezing or anything).

    Its the whole mind over body thing. Like I read a study that when one hears bad news, the same areas of the brain light up as normally would light up if someone were in physical pain.

  2. I guess cause by me the first time wasn't so painful I was willing to go through it again.

    That's interesting how its connected, mind and body.


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