Saturday, April 5, 2008

Story Time

A few nights ago I was babysitting a 1 year old NA, a 2 year old SN and a 4 year old RD. It came time for bedtime, and they wanted to hear a story. I let NA play with toys while SN and RD picked out books I should read. We sat down on the couch and I started to read. But then NA started running away to a different room and I had to get up to get him. Then RD tells SN that she can't sit next to me when I read the book. SN starts crying, I told SN, don't worry you can sit next to me. We started reading the book, then again I had to get up to get NA. Again RD tells SN she can't sit next to me, and again she started crying, and I told her not to worry that she'll get to sit on on my lap. I don't know why RD kept teasing SN that way. There was room for both of them, after all I sat in the middle, so there were 2 sides for them to sit on.

Now this chair in the picture would be great for story time. This way both kids would be able to sit next to me, and be a little higher up so they can see the pictures. Also, the baby would be able to sit on my lap while I read the story.


  1. very cute.

    I'll have to put that on the list of things to get when I get married. :)

  2. OK I got B"H a buncha kids.
    I just put to bed from (agewise) bottom up.
    well the big ones just go on their own.


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