Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SHHH.....The Window is Open!

Most homes are one way while outside and they act another way in their house. Outside the home everyone acts polite. Mothers won't scream at their children in front of anyone else. If their child is crying they would get embarrassed and try to quiet the child so other people won't think that they are a bad mother. But yet in the house they could let the child cry for hours as long as no one hears. When a mother is rebuking her child she will first shut the windows so the neighbors won't hear.

One of the mothers of the kids I babysit was telling me that one time she was giving her kids a shower, and the kid started hanging on to the door. The mother was afraid the door would collapse on her so she screamed the kids name. Then she looked at the window and she was like "uh oh" the cleaning lady left the window open. Now the whole block heard her scream. She was worried people thought who knows what happened. Some families lock themselves in their house without opening any windows for fear anyone hear any yelling and come to the wrong conclusions.

There is a non Jewish family on my block and they would sit outside at night by the nice nights and they would laugh so loudly. I would wonder what their laughing at, then sometimes it would be really funny because as me and another person are talking about something funny, right when we're about to laugh, we hear the family on our block laugh and its a good sound effect, like right on time.

Then there are those that go outside to talk on their cell for privacy. I always wondered how it could be private, because now the whole world gets to hear them. They would be having business calls, and yell at the person on the other side and everyone would turn around to look at them. Unless maybe they are only concerned that their own family shouldn't hear them, and couldn't care less if the rest of the world heard them.


  1. I live in a home thats attached on both sides. My entire family is made up of screamers. Literally! I mean, some of us scream less, some more and stuff, but generally, we're loud.

    Now, like I said, our house is attached on both sides. We hate our neighbors, and we really take advantage of the word "City", and we dont give a crap what they think of us. Its a very free way to live. :)

    People in your neighborhood should leave their windows open, they'll learn what real freedom is...when you don't care what other people think, life is real good. :)

  2. You're so right. There was this one time on the train where this mother was letting her kid cry and cry and laugh and laugh, and she didn't care who would hear. Go figure, the chasidim would have been like "Yoylee be quiet right now"( In Yiddish of course)But this person just let the kid go at it.

  3. Im not really sure about letting the kid scream and cry even their house I cant picture that happening

  4. I hate them "phone whores" even wrote a post about it a while back.


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