Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getting Paid

I babysit for the most part because I enjoy babysitting and it feels good to be helpful. When I get paid, I think of myself like a teacher, that I'm not getting paid for babysitting, but rather for giving up my time to babysit. So no matter if its a night job or a day job, no matter how many kids, its all the same.

When I was younger I used to always go to my neighbors house and play with the kids, and that was every day for free, I used to go to them Shabbos also and play with the kids. Then as I got older I had less free time, I had more school work to do, and started going to them less. At this point is when I became their babysitter, because I was no longer going on my own, they had to ask me to come. Once they asked me to come they would pay me, it would be called a job. But I enjoyed it the same much as before. I love the kids there, their my favorite family.

Once I became a babysitter, people would ask me how much I charge. I always said just give whatever you want. I didn't have a set price. For everyone it was different. Like with the family I love, I charge them the least. Although now with new people I tell them all the same amount.

For those that pay me on a weekly basis, I keep an excel sheet with the info to keep track of it. I learned from experience, because one time I was babysitting this person an hour here and there and I didn't keep track, I thought she was, and then she asked me how much she owes me and I had no clue. So ever since then I keep track.

Problem is, one time I babysat by someone and then she was gonna write it down and I told her I'll keep track of it, then a month went by and I went to babysit there again, and then she paid me for that second time and she forgot about the 3 hours from the time before. I wasn't sure if I should say anything or not. So I let it go.

Also, now that I keep an excel sheet with how many hours and what people owe, I know the exact amount at the end of the week. So when its time to pay me, they usually don't know how much it is and give me a little extra, so I told the husband when he was paying me that he gave 10 dollars extra, so he said keep the money and to tell his wife. So I told the wife that I think she paid 10 dollars extra, then she says "'babysitter' why do you do this to me?" So after that I didn't correct how much they gave.

Although sometimes, I hear the mothers complaining about paying cleaning ladies, that they don't have money for it. Then I start feeling guilty about them paying me all the time to babysit. But then I reason to myself, if the mother is telling this to me, she obviously doesn't mind paying me.


  1. Babysitting is hard work. Your work and your time are valuable, and you absolutely deserve to be paid for every hour that you work. Never apologize, and never just "let it go".

  2. No free lunch is a real concept in life. If they don't pay you thay will have to come back as a gilgul of some sort of pet and pay your children's children back of all the money that they ripped you off of. Do them a favor and ask for the money that you are owed.

  3. I never had that problem. First people I babysat were specifically looking for a babysitter and they already had a rate in mind, so I just accepted it. I used that rate when I babysat other people (which wasn't often). Then I started babysitting another family, and they had their own amount they were willing too pay (which was more than I was getting before, but this time it was two kids). So I was happy, felt like a raise.

    Then, just tonight I went to babysit the first family, and there are now two kids. I wasn't even sure what she would pay. And so I just took whatever she gave. And I know what she pays now, so next time, I'll know.

    I like kids...Wish the office I work at had kids running around!!

  4. i'm not the best person to be giving this type of advice, but ditto to raizy above. don't be a sucker.

  5. Lion Of Zion: I'm a bit more ok with accepting money now. Except when one of the mothers ask me to pick up her kid from the bus stop, and then she was willing to pay me, I told her it was ok, cause really it was like 5 minutes, so why should she have to pay me for that.


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