Friday, August 15, 2008


Yesterday I was walking from the city bus stop on my way home when I see the mother of the triplets I used to babysit driving nearby. I haven’t seen her in over a month already, we waved to each other and I continued walking on. Then I get a call from her on my phone. She called to offer me a ride which was so nice, but I declined since I was already almost home and there was no point in her having to go out of her way. She asked a few times if I was sure, and I said yea.

It was so kind of her to offer a ride even though I don’t babysit her kids anymore. I was thinking it over and I realized it’s amazing how kind people can be. I decided acts of kindness need mentioning.

I’ve heard its a good idea to keep a folder called “Yay Me!” to archive any e-mail someone sent to you that complimented you. So that if you ever feel down you can look back at it and it will cheer you up to know people appreciate you.

I was thinking mothers may need the same boost, that a mother’s job is a cycle doing the same stuff over and over. They may feel that what their doing isn’t accomplishing anything. So sometimes they need reminders of how great a job they are doing. To let them know you appreciate their kindness.

Here is a list of some of the kind acts mothers of the kids I babysit have done (in no specific order):

  1. Letting me know what time they expect to come home
  2. Calling before they come back home
  3. Giving me a ride back home when its late
  4. Putting some nosh on the table
  5. Buying me a birthday gift
  6. Calling me in advance to book the babysitting job
  7. Understanding when I couldn’t babysit and not nudging me
  8. Being friendly
  9. Being Understanding when things went wrong
  10. Letting me watch their adorable kids!

There are so many more kind things they have done that I just can’t think about right now. But I have decided to keep a list and add on to it.

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