Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What’s That Smell?

I was on the city bus sitting down in the back of the bus when I started to smell something. I was wondering what that horrible smell could be coming from. It didn’t take long for me to spot the 1 year old on the bus a few seats down from me.

The child had a smelly diaper and needed a changing. The father of the kid was sitting next to the kid and while the kid was standing up and looking out the window, the father would put his head by her back and snuggle her.

Now the father had to be able to smell the diaper since his head was right there, but he must have gotten real used to the smell cause he kept putting his head there and snuggling her. Or he acknowledged the smell but couldn’t do anything about it since he was on a bus.

I think it would be smart to change the kid before leaving your house or wherever you are that has a bathroom. So that it shouldn’t be unpleasant for the other people, plus its not healthy for the kid to not be changed for so long.


  1. ha! some relatives of ours came over to go swimming, and my mom thought it smelled kind nasty, and when my dad was cleaning out the skimmer, he found a....ah, gift, from the kid!

  2. David On the Lake: I would give people the benefit of the doubt and say that. But then a bus ride doesn't last so long and the smell doesn't get so bad till after a while, so it has to be they came on the bus like that.

    Or even if your right and the kid did it on the bus, they could bring along an air re freshener or something to make it a little better.


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