Monday, August 11, 2008


I think personalization is great for children to have a sense of identity and to feel good about themselves. There is one family I babysit by where the girl has the hello kitty theme for lots of stuff she has. She has Hello kitty pencils, blankets, and other little stuff. Then she has a huge poster size photo of her when she was 3 years old eating an ice cream, hanging in her room. She has a bunch of stuff with her name on it.

Now she must feel great about herself because she sees her name on the things she has. It gives her a sense of identity. It also makes her want to take care of the stuff she has because its special to her. If it was just a no brand product with no connection to her then she wouldn’t take as much care of it.

This doesn’t mean that everything bought for the child has to be expensive, but if you personalize it, then it will make the child want it more. Just like a birthday card, if someone wrote a personalized message in it as well, then you will keep it and treasure it for the message hand written in it. Same thing, if you buy children personalized gifts with their name on it, or some sort of theme then they cherish it more.

Also, if children have their name on their stuff then they have a sense of ownership over it. Other kids won’t be able to take it away from them. But then again a child wouldn’t be too happy if everything they owned had their name stamped on it. But gifts and objects that are extra would be better with their name on it and a little personalization.

A child should feel good about their bedroom, they should feel they have stuff in it that belongs to them, besides for just a bed and dresser. A child’s room is the one place they can go and feel it is theirs. It’s nice to see when the room is decorated with picture frames or different things the children made. They get to see what they created and they will remember it.

So next time if you're wondering what to get as a gift, you can get any personalized gift, with the kid’s name on it or with their picture and they will be very happy for it.

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  1. One potential pitfall, "Mine! Mine! It's Mine!" ;-)


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