Monday, August 25, 2008

wisdom Lost and WISDOM Gained

Yesterday I got my wisdom tooth pulled out for REAL. Although I lost some “wisdom” I gained a greater wisdom of clarity. First of all, the whole thing wasn’t planned. I didn’t have an appointment by the dentist, just my father was going. So I went too, so that my dentist can look at my mouth and figure out why it was hurting me. Then he asks me if I was able to sleep, I told him “Yea, I was able to sleep, but I couldn’t eat or Talk”. So he decided I should get another wisdom tooth out.

When he took out the tooth he wasn’t even sitting on a chair, he stood, and it went really fast, before I knew it, he had the tooth out. He asked me if I wanted it, I said no, since I already had my first one, I didn’t need another. Everything went by so fast, that I didn’t even have time to think about it. I did notice he used the annoying technique of saying what he was going to do every step of the way.

Now for the gained WISDOM, I realized that sometimes you have to go through a bit more pain so that you won’t have any more pain. Although it seems not to make any sense, because why would you want to increase something that you want to decrease, but it works.

For the past few days, my mouth was hurting me, because my tooth was biting into my check. Since I decided to take care of it, I did get a bit more pain, from the shots. However, in the long run it is less pain, because I won’t have to deal with my mouth hurting me anymore, and I will get to enjoy eating food again. Although it is annoying in the short run, not being able to eat foods I want (at least its not Purim time), it pays off at the end.

Now this applies with everything in life, there is always going to be some pain in having things good. You just have to keep in mind that the pain is helping you heal in the long term. Sometimes, while the pain is lasting we can’t tell if its worth it, if at the end everything will be good, we just see the pain at the moment. But it will all clear and we will be healed. Then the pain will be in the past and we won’t even remember it because of the vast amount of good we have. The pain will be a tiny drop compared to all the good.


  1. You are a strong woman. When asked if I wanted the dentist to use a local anesthetic or just completely knock me out when I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled I went for the latter.
    Oh, and as for the actual point of this post... exactly. Love the message.

  2. Just thought I'd let you know that I added a link to your blog on the "Elsewhere" page at my website:

    Hope that's alright. If not, just let me know and I'll remove it.

  3. Feel better

    On a side note, I was only too happy to discover that I have no wisdom teeth. Ahh, I won the genetic lottery.

    I don't mind those sniggers about "no wisdom teeth," cause right after people make that joke, they kvetch about how painful it was to get them removed.

  4. End Of World: Thanx!

    That is strange, perhaps they will come in later?

  5. Lucky me I never have any teeth problems no cavities, pulled ones you name it it didnt happen to me.

  6. MikeInMidwood: wow, you are lucky!

    I've had braces, cavities, root canal, almost everything.

  7. so your tooth was already grown in?

  8. FrumSkeptic: yea, it was fully grown in.

  9. Oh I c.

    Where you all swollen? Are you still swollen? How are you feeling?

  10. FrumSkeptic: I was swollen on Sunday, but that went away Monday.

    B"H everything is good, thanx for asking.

    Only thing is my mouth hasn't stopped bleeding and its 2 days later. That means I still have to have a guaze pad in my mouth. Which means tomorrow, I'll have to go to school that way, and hope I don't have to speak too much.

    It's actually cool, cause I realized its possible to talk while biting down. I used to think that certain sounds don't work when your mouth is closed, but they all seem to work.

  11. my first day of college last year I was all swollen from wisdom teeth. lol.

    We're the same ;)

    goodluck tomorrow. Hope you wont need the gauze or to speak to much!!!!

  12. that's so cool, how were both the same like that.


  13. i hate going to the dentist. he always finds something wrong and i am the worst patient. just hearing the sound of drill sends shivers up my spine and makes the hair on my little pinky toe stand on edge.

    feel better

  14. Thanx for the comment on my blog.
    My Mom (who was one smart cookie) always said: You get out of something just what you put into it. You invest some time, some effort (="pain"), and you see results (usually).
    Hope you feel better!

  15. Lion Of Zion: Yea, as a kid I never liked the dentist.

    Thanx, I feel better already!

    Ricki's Mom: Your welcome. Now I see where you got your smart motherly advice from. And Thanx I'm all better now!

  16. I'm so glad that I don't need to have my wisdom teeth pulled, and I've only had two cavities. It sounds very painful. But your basic message was right on the spot. "No pain, no gain!"

  17. Mak: For me getting wisdom teeth pulled wasn't bad at all, I'm actually surprised how easy it was. That's why I was willing to get one out when I didn't need it so that I would have an excuse, I referred to it in my post, the first link.

    I forgot about that quote, that's a good one, very applicable.

  18. Me: What are wisdom teeth? That's probably cuz I haven't been to the dentist since I've been around ten. (oh my God that's almost a decade. :) )

    Babysitter- very nice point- not so easy to remember when we are going through a hard time but in retrospect things are clearer. PS- don't you think it's a *good* thing to get your wisdom teeth pulled Purim time? :)

  19. Mindy: really? Aren't you supposed to go every 6 months? Your teeth never hurt you?

    lol, no, Purim's not a good time, because then you can't eat all the Shalach Manos, that's what happened last Purim, I got my tooth pulled out, and I had to watch everyone eat the nosh, and I couldn't have any.

    But why would it be a good time?

  20. Babysitter: nope, I had an x-ray taken, and there are none. none. none. smile.

    I hope you feel better.

    Mindy: are you opposed on principle to dentists? Or have you just not gotten around to it

  21. Gee, Babysitter, you made a lot of comments over at my place!
    To answer your questions:
    1.Did she understand my subsequent speech on the dangers of getting lost?--Yes, but that doesn't mean that she won't do it again. I understand that to eat cake is unhealthy. I still (sometimes) eat cake. We all have our yetzer horas, and so does she. But I hope it sunk in a bit. Any repeats will prompt SEVERE reprecussions (like no computer for a week....)
    2. Can she wait a half hour in the doctor's office? Today, yes she can... and does. When she was 3 and 4, before our diagnosis of ADHD (in addition to the Down s.), she definately could not.
    3. What's "school work adapter"?
    My daughter, even though she is high functioning, reads on about a second-grade level, writes poorly, and has trouble understanding abstract things. She has been integrated into a regular seventh-grade (as of tomarrow, eighth grade) classroom.
    She spends about half of the school day in private studies with her aide, doing some/all of the following:
    a. preparing her in advance for classes she will be integrated into
    b. studying privately math, grammer, , and the like.
    The other half of the day's hours are spent in the regular classroom. We do not expect her to learn all of the material, but one or two main points, new vocabulary words.
    Now what is an "adaptor"? For her in-class work, notebook, and homework, she needs the regular class material ADAPTED to her level. For example, last year they studied "England" in geography. She learned about Great Britin, London, coal mines, the British channel, bagpipes, and a bit about the industrial revolution... She did not need to know detailed information about climate, inports, exports. When they studied France, she learned that in France they make wine, perfume... have long bread, and speak french. Last year when they studied Italy, she learned that their is a place in the world called Italy , and that there are gondolas there. When we flew to the USA last summer, her face lit up when she saw the plane-route map: "ITALY!!" She recognized it instantly! [And I regretted it was a night flight and she would not see the alps, at least from above.] So she gets a smattering of world knowledge from geography and science.She learns most of the material in dinim. Once she met my husband outside of shul and she saw someone with marbles. They had just studied that din that week, so it's no surprise that she piped up: "Choresh!(plowing)". [On-lookers nearly fainted from surprise...LOL]
    And what does she learn that SHE needs? That's largely where the adaptation comes in. In preparing here texts, workbooks, and homework, I adapt the material to HER needs.

    1. A picture of French vineyards: Write a sentence about the picture.
    2. Pirke Avot... many times I went off on a tangent from the mishnah to related issues affecting her-carefullness with strangers, etc.
    3. Digestive system.. the nose smalls food.
    How do we know food is spoiled?
    How can we keep food clean/ from spoiling?

    So we worked a lot on writing sentences, new words, grammer, and living skills all in connection to what the class was studying.

  22. Rickis Mom: Do you mind me commenting? And I subscribe to the comments in e-mails, so if you would have commented on your posts, I would have still got your comments and responded. But I guess it does make it easier that its all in one place.

    1)That is a true point. She knows how to use a computer?

    2)It's strange, but I've never seen kids with Down's at any doctor office I've been to, I don't know why, but I always imagined they have their own doctor or something. That's good she's able to wait.

    3) now this I saw you commented on your own blog, so I'll respond there.

  23. my wisdome teeth started growing in when i was in israel. it was extremely painful so i asked my dorm mother for some bourbon...

    she almost fainted, until i explained it was for my tooth.

    i think bais yaakov teachers don't handle alcoholics well :)

  24. FrumCollegeGirl: lol, but how did you know to ask for that? that it would ease the pain. I would have said what happened and then see what she said to do. I wonder if you wouldn't have asked, if she would have suggested that. I doubt it.

  25. Frum College Girl- lol. What a funny story. Nie wryness in that.


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