Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The one thing I’ve always dreaded about going to the doctor is the shots. The same by the dentist, I didn’t mind the drilling so much it was the shot that got me scared. Then I finally went to one dentist where they do such a smart thing. The dentist first uses some cream to numb the area. Then when its time for the shot you don’t even feel the pain of the shot. It could be just psychological, but it works.

Doctors and dentists are aware that children dislike shots and they have different ways of dealing with it. Some will tell you not to look while they give you the shot, I find this to work the best. To close your eyes, then you don’t know when you will get the shot, and by the time you get it, its already over. Then there is the other approach where they explain to you every step of the way what they will do. This I can’t stand, it just worries me more to hear what they will do.

Since I know that shots can be painful I have a hard time watching a child get a shot. One time I was babysitting and the kid complained that his fingernail was too long and his mother had warned me beforehand that his fingernail was getting long so he might need me to cut it. So since he was complaining about it before bed, I took a nail clipper and cut his nail. But it gave me a squeamish feeling, I didn’t know how much to cut, since I don’t feel his finger nails it was harder to judge, but I did cut it and he didn’t complain so it didn’t hurt him at the end. The same with putting in earrings, since your not wearing the other persons ears, you don’t know what they feel so you get afraid that your hurting them when your not.

It’s hard to imagine how children are able to give themselves shots, weather its for allergic reactions, for insulin or other things. But then it might not be so bad for these children, since they are so used to getting shots, for them it might not be so bad. After having shots for a month they probably get used to it. The next time they go to the doctor to get a shot they won’t be afraid of it. So even though they have to take a shot often for them it becomes like nothing, so they don’t feel the same dread towards shots as those not used to it.

Video from Onion that looks at shots through a kids perspective, in a twisted way it is funny


  1. If you say don't look or close your eyes, then the patient will want to look. Thinking that it must hurt or look very creepy.

  2. between the numbing cream and my dentist really good hand, i barely feel the shots. he also has a laser drill so you don't need to be numbed with a shot, but it's not for all types of cavities.

  3. The Opinion: I meant the idea of not looking.

    Lion Of Zion: Lucky you, I went through a few dentists till I stuck with one. Also I forgot to mention, my dentist pulls on the cheek and shakes it so the liquid can go in, and while he does that it takes away from the pain of the shot a little.

    But that's cool they have a laser drill.

  4. Laser drill? Not in Brooklyn, right?

    I was cutting my son's nails since he was born. Now he sits still more or less. When he was 1~2 months old, had to do it while he was sleeping and making sure not to wake him. Not fun at all.

    Actually, the first time I cut his nails, I took a small piece of skin off and his finger started bleeding. Good thing there were no women around, just me and my dad.

  5. What I don't understand is why people are more afraid of blood tests than of shots. Once the needle is in it really doesn't make a difference how long it stays there, it's just the initial puncture that twinges.

    But lol, your dentist- he numbs you in order to give you a numbing shot. I must go to a primitive dentist or something because he makes me live with just a syringe to the gums (and the numbing juice tastes vile, mind you)... no lovely creams involved ;)

    How are you enjoying your DDR btw?

  6. "Some will tell you not to look while they give you the shot, I find this to work the best. To close your eyes, then you don’t know when you will get the shot, and by the time you get it, its already over."

    I actually like seeing the shots. This way when I feel the pain its not a surprise. I do not like when its explained to me though. That is just annoying to me.

  7. Moshe: Ouch, I guess it takes experience then to cut it just right so that it's only the nail.

    Mike: well I guess because blood test their taking blood out of you, so some people don't like the idea of that, while a shot you don't see anything coming in or out. But your right, the blood test didn't even hurt, its just the idea of it is scary. Also, lots of people don't have visible veins so they were hard to find and they kept getting pricked so that's why they may think its worse.

    Well the cream doesn't totally numb you, I just feel more relaxed knowing he did something before the shot. And yea the liquid from the shot taste horrible, I always try to put my tongue away from it, and I never swallow while they work on my mouth.

    O, its really cool, but its way too hard, I have to start with one with less steps, but I did get the hang of it a little, I only tried it once though. My little brother tried it out and he was stomping away. Then yesterday he wanted me to look up online best ways for him to get muscles, so I was googling and I found one site said DDR is good way for kids to exercise.

    frumskeptic: I guess everyone has their own way that works for them. But yea the explaining is very annoying.

  8. Ohhhhhhhh

    I'm a pretty brave person..But not when it comes to shots..
    the mere sight of a syringe makes my knees go weak..
    That Onion clip was hilarious..


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