Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I noticed that children do not like wearing coats. I think it gives them a sense of freedom to have their coat off, so their not bundled up. There were a few days when it was nice outside but still a little chilly, yet the kids didn't feel the cold, they wanted to take their coats off. They would stuff their coats in their knapsack. Then even though they started feeling the wind, they refused to give in and say they were cold.

Then I see parents too don't like wearing coats, usually the fathers, they go outside in the freezing cold talking on their cell phones in just a thin white shirt as if its summer time.

Then there's also the hats and hoods. Most kids are embarrassed to wear hats or hoods. They'll wear it till their 3 years old cause their mother puts it on them. But once they turn 3 or 4 and start to have a sense of understanding, they don't want to wear a hat anymore. Which really contradicts itself, cause if they would understand that it keeps them warm then they would wear it. But yet there's something about hoods, kids just don't like them. Although the kids I babysit, listen to their mother when she tells them to put their hood on, so their good about that.

Even older people, when they buy a coat, usually buy one without a hood. I find it so convenient for a coat to have a hood, in case it rains, or just to stay warm in the winter. But then theres those boys who wear hoods on their sweat shirts all the time, even indoors. I think they like the mysterious feeling to it.


  1. I was just speaking to a coworker today. he told me how he was planing on dressing his two year old as Yoda for Purim next year when he is big enough to fit into the costume. Now you wonder why kids through off their hoods when they get old enough to do so. Parents make there kids look ridiculous some times. Kids, when they get older, just fight back.

  2. I just googled Yoda, and it looks like some ailen creature, I can't imagine a mother forcing a child to wear that. lol, but ok.
    Yea, that's true they don't want to look ridiculous. Although sometimes they do things that embarrasses their parents.
    But yea when kids are young parents treat them like little dolls dressing them up. But when they get older, they get to choose their own costume. The kids I babysit for, the boy wanted to be a pilot, even though the mother originally planned a different costume for him, she bought him a pilot costume.

  3. lol lol. Yoda...haha..I'd also be embarrassed and eventually rebel. :)

    but then, one person I know, his mom made him dress as Haman on Purim because that would truly be unique. She used to say "everyone else is Esther or Mordechai, why be like everyone else?"


    anyway, about the post. I also hate wearing hats/coats, but when i was yuounger, I always did anyway. Either because of my mom or one of the crazy russian ladies I had as a babysitter. lol. Something I noticed among older frum people, like teenage age, is that in the middle of the winter they wear KNEE-highs not full stockings. I used to flip out at one of my friends. And then she would be like "they're uncomfy", well yea, but still. How do you go and tell your younger siblings to wear hats and coats if your legs are practically uncovered in the freezing weather?

  4. lol, one of the kids I babysit wanted to be a Haman.

    umm... interesting point about the stockings. I never thought of that, I guess because hats and coats are more basic.

  5. yeah in jewish schools by recess they all throw off their coats.


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