Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Reverse Roll

Sometimes I feel like the kids I babysit are my little "Mommy" that their taking care of me, rather than me taking care of them. Its amazing how much kids notice and understand. This one kid especially takes notice of everything. When I came one day wearing new clothes, she said "You look so cute, I never saw you wear that". Its funny to hear it coming out of a 6 year old, when I'm usually the one telling the kids that.

The kids always look out for me. Whenever they are eating something, they offer me. They ask me to eat supper with them, I usually decline. Two times I actually ate supper with the family, but it felt weird as if I was intruding on their family time.

Anyways, two days ago, one kid offered me some alef-beis shaped pretzels that she was eating. I told her I can't eat anything cause I hurt my mouth. So that settled that for then. Then yesterday the mother had supper for the kids and then she asked me if I wanted and I said no thanx. Then a kid chimes in and said "She can't eat because she has a boo boo in her mouth". I was surprised the kid remembered from the day before. The mother thought the kid was making up a story because I hadn't said anything about it to her. *

Kids are just like little angels sometimes, the perfect helper. Sometimes I even depend on the kids. It makes it such a help to babysit a family with kids old enough to help. When I babysit by a new place I usually don't know where anything is or how the house runs, and I would ask the kid where things are, or if their allowed to do certain things, and they usually answer truthfully.

I actually never knew how to make a bottle till I started babysitting. The parents assumed I knew how, and I was left with a container of formula powder and a bottle. I had no clue what to do with that. The 4 year old taught me how to make a bottle. Since then whenever I go to their house I always make the bottle for the kids.

Ends up being I went to the dentist today and got a wisdom tooth pulled out. The dentist had to give me 8 shots so that it wouldn't hurt. In the beginning when he touched my mouth in the area that it hurt I was crying. Then at the end when it was over he said he was sorry for making me cry and he asked me if I'm still his friend, I nodded my head yea. I canceled 3 babysitting jobs for today!


  1. I hope you feel better! Try a little Tylenol for the pain.

  2. Thanx!
    Its actually not so bad, could be because I'm still numb.
    But yea, I took some Motrin, and I got pain killers. I'm gonna take one before I go to bed.
    The only annoying part is I can't EAT! So I'm not gonna be able to enjoy all the shaloch manos. But I could save them for later.
    I could only eat ice cream for now.

  3. ice cream is good!

    pudding works too and its great also!

    come on, now you have an excuse to eat all the ice cream you want, who could complain?


  4. lol
    yea, just I don't like pudding, he said I could also have apple sauce and cottage cheese, but I don't like those either.
    lol, yea I guess there's nothing to complain about. Ice cream is a treat, my mother bought me 2 containers. One with Strawberry ices, and one with vanilla and peanut butter ice cream, my favorite.
    Just now when I saw all the food my mother is making I'm jealous.
    At least fasting won't be hard, cause I haven't eaten for 3 days already. So one more day won't hurt.

  5. i had that once. i got eighteen stitches on my lip. for a week all i could eat was ice cream. for three days i had to lie on my back, and i couoldn't chew gum for a year.

    hope you feel better.

    little kids are crazy observant. one of my little cousins knows all my clothing, and which are my favorite shirts

  6. ouch, that was from the safety pin?

    thanx. Actually the only part that hurt were the shots. So B"H its ok.

    yea, exactly, the kids I babysit know which is my favorite skirt and shirt.

  7. you babysit easy kids you don't have to babysit troublemakers lucky you.


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