Sunday, March 9, 2008


Last night I went babysitting while the kids were sleeping, so I brought some stuff to study. As I was sitting on the couch reading my notes I all of a sudden started hearing noises. I heard this song playing "o, dreidle dreidle dreidle, I made you out of clay...". I thought maybe the kid woke up and pressed some button which played the song, but I checked and the kid was fast asleep. So then I thought maybe it was coming from my cellphone somehow, so I checked, but it wasn't from there. Then I thought maybe its coming from the couch, so I picked up the coushins, nothing was there. So then I thought I must be imagining the sound, so I ignore it, after all it was just a low sound. I thought it was weird for me to imagine such a song now but I figured there's no other possible reason. Unless maybe it was coming from the parents room, but that would be strange.

Then all of a sudden I started hearing a different song, it was this boy singing, and I've never heard the song before so I couldn't have imagined it. This time the sound was louder. Then all of a sudden it clicked, the music was coming from downstairs. They had a tenant who lived downstairs that was playing music.

Its strange, cause whenever I babysit I'm always conscious of all the sound, listening out if a kid wakes up or cries. So every time I hear a little noise I jump and wonder where its coming from.

One time I was babysitting somewhere else and all of a sudden I hear huge banging noises, I got so scared, I thought maybe a robber was trying to come in. It sounded like it was coming from the windows, I picked up the shade and didn't see anything. The noise went away after a while. When the parents came home I told them I heard this loud banging noise and they told me not to worry that it was the sound the steam makes. So now when I hear that noise I know its ok and I recognize it.

Then Today I was babysitting by my attached neighbor's house, and it was amazing how I heard every noise in my house, people marching up and down the steps, talking and everything. But yet when I'm on the other side of the wall, in my house, I never hear a thing from my attached neighbor's house.


  1. Must have been a real weirdo to be playing "o, dreidle dreidle dreidle, I made you out of clay..." so close to Purim. Must have been a real weirdo for listening to that song anytime without a two year old in the room.

  2. "Must have been a real weirdo to be playing "o, dreidle dreidle dreidle, I made you out of clay..." so close to Purim."

    i was thinking the same thing!!

    i was once sitting in the living room studying, when i heard from directly above me (the kids bedroom)a tremendous crash and a scream.

    one of the boys was climbing up the dresser (a mammoth piece of furniture, it went from ceiling to floor)and it fell on top of him

  3. All-time best explanation for a strange banging noise coming from upstairs:
    "Mommy! Sarah's head fell off!"
    (After rushing upstairs in a major panic, I discovered that Sarah's head had not, in fact, fallen off. Rather, she had bumped her head, but that was the best way that my 4 year old could describe it.)

  4. ha ha that's mad funny. kids have such a funny way of expressing themselves..

  5. yea, it definitely was odd hearing such a song close to purim, maybe it was a CD of all different holiday songs.

    frumcollegegirl: omg, what happened to the kid after the dresser fell on him?

    that reminds me, by one of the places I babysit they have like shelves going all around the room close to the ceiling with shnops, wine and stuff, they have over 1,000. Every time I see it I get scared, what if there's an earthquake and all that came tumbling down...

    Superraizy: yea, children can't always explain things.

    A similar thing happened, by the kids I babysit, one of them came home from school and said her classmate lost her parents. That they were walking down the steps and they crashed their heads and they fell off. When I told the mother what the kid said, she called that house and the mother picked up, so the kid was making up a story about her parents cause she wanted the kid I babysit for to come to her house and play with her.

  6. ha that's funny.

    so about the dresser; i ran upstairs, praying i wouldn't see a kid come flying out of the room covered in blood. well the kids got lucky. as it came crashing down, the younger kid jumped onto his bed so he was safe. as the dresser fell, the door swung open, and it fell propped up on its door. so the older kid was unharmed, just really scared

  7. do you think he has to make hagomel for that?

    I mean, to a kid it isn't that different from a wall falling on him.

  8. B"H the kids were ok, that's such Hashgacha Pratis!

    Yoni: I wonder about that too. But I don't think so. Cause many times there are situations where a person is in almost danger and they don't bench gomel. Like just yesterday I was crossing the street to get away from a dog, and I went into a side street that usually no cars go into, so I made the mistake of not waiting for the light and then all of a sudden I hear a car, it stopped and I ran across, but that was a close call.

  9. hello, i should be bentching too, it's miracle that thing didn't fall through the floor, i was sitting right below it!

  10. i don't understand how my neighbors hear us but my family can't hear a single word they say.


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