Thursday, March 6, 2008


There's this one kid I see every day walking home from public school when I go to the bus stop of the kids I babysit. This kid really intrigues me. He used to have died blond hair with black hair, with a really messy hair cut. The hair lengths were uneven and it wasn't even layered properly. Then recently he redyed his hair and now its blue and green with black. With the same messy hair style that doesn't even make sense.

I'm confused why this child would have a hair cut like this. He looks about the age of 11 or 12 not old enough to be in the rebel stage. Could his mother do this to him? or its something he wants to stand out? He looks like a good kid by looking at his face. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a conversation with him. He's always on the other side of the street so I never got a chance to say anything to him. I don't know if I should, but I wonder why his hair is like that. I wouldn't say anything straight out to him, but through conversation....

Also this kid is a responsible kid, he used to walk home this 6 year old and cross streets with him to bring the kid home. So people trust him with their kids.

Its really intriguing... Is it just a way to show off his personality and stand out?


  1. It may be that he watches anime or reads manga.

    Given the disposition it may be that he identifies with this character:


    he's a really, really upright character from a really, really good series that is just (mostly) pretty wholesome (certainly compared to anything popular in america). (and yes it has its non-tznius moments pretty often, but they're rarely rewarded, and even if they are they usualy come with a little bit of mussar.)

    a typical quote from it is "one who speaks harsh words, his heart will become harsh as well." as well as tonnes of other quotable moments.

    it was a major influence on me in many ways, and while I don't read it so much anymore, if my kids had to read a non-jewish comic or watch a non-jewish show, that would be on the top of my preference list.

    (and yes, someone who is nitpicky and anal retentive and totaly freaking out about things regardless of context may very well say its nothing but smut, but, such people tend to have issues with understanding anything and have issues with ethics and morals.)

  2. could be he watches anime or reads manga like you said. The picture I used isn't really what his hair looks like but its the closest one I could find to it. But yea, the kid he used to walk home was chinese and I know their very into animation so could be he's into it too. That does sound like a logical explanation.

    I never heard of manga before. But if it teaches morals like that then it sounds good. You used a lot of high vocabulary words there, but I think I understood what you said.

  3. not all of it is ethical, not by any stretch of the imagination, but alot more of it is than american TV.

    (and manga are japanese comic books. sorry.)

    (and sorry for the big words.)

  4. ahh I see.

    (to me Chinese and Japanese are the same, I can't really tell the difference, could be the kid was Japanese, lol)

    no problem, I have this cool firefox extension called hyperwords, when I select a word theres a whole bunch of options, one of them is google dictionary and I just hover my mouse over it and it tells me the definition, so its not such hard work

  5. Believe it or not, it's pretty popular amongst kids as well. It's not a rebel thing, it's a trying o look cool cuz it's a cool thing.

  6. yea, if it was like a spiked up hair cut with gel or something then I would think the kid wanted to look cool. Maybe he thinks his hair cut is cool too. Now that I took a closer look at it, he has long hair on one side of his head, and short hair on the other.

  7. reminds me of a teenager on my block.


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