Thursday, March 6, 2008

Curious Children

This one family I babysit by, the kids have taught me a lot of stuff. A little while ago when R' Shmuel Birnbaum was niftar the boy came home from school and told me that R' Birnbaum "went to Hashem". I thought that was such a smart thing to say.

Death can be a very scary thing for children if they understand it, and for some it can be too hard to grasp. Telling a child that the niftar went to Hashem is so Brilliant. This way even thought its sad they know the person is with Hashem. They learn about Olam Habah this way without it getting too complicated. They learn to value who Hashem is, in addition to the regular lessons of Hashem is watching over everything you do. They would yearn to do the right things to be with Hashem.

Then by the same family, the kids were so excited their mother's cousin was going to have a baby, they wanted to tell their 3 year old cousin about it. The mother said not to tell the 3 year old because she won't understand it. She will come to her mother every day asking her where the baby is, she won't be able to wait so long for the baby and she'll get fed up.


  1. When I babysat a 3 year old his mom told him she was pregnant like the minute she found out. lol. And he told me and he wasnt supposed to, so i asked hiM "when is the baby coming?" (wanted to know if Mommy was pregnant or some neighbor) and he was like "Um, Monday" :). lol.
    THen when her stomach started showing, he was so excited because it meant mommy was REALLY pregnant, but then by the time mom was huge, and there still was no baby he stopped beleiving a baby was coming and thought mom just got fat!

  2. lol kids are so cute!
    Its funny how sometimes little kids when they see a fat person they think their pregnant. Or they always like stuffing pillows under their shirt and saying their pregnant.

  3. lol are hilarius when it comes to fat people. lol.

    My moms bestfriends baby was on staring at a fat guy on a plane. The fat guy was like "hello cutie what are you looking at?" and then the babies 4 yr old sister replies "Maybe she's wondering why you so fat!"

    You can imagine how embarressed the mom was!! lol.

  4. oysh, lol, sometimes children can be embarrassing for their parents. But usually most people are understanding hopefully...
    Its funny cause even by me when I babysit, some kids are more mature than the others. So lets say one kid says something to me, the other one would worry that it might offend me and tells her sister to apologize, its cute.

  5. a rabbi in my seminary told me that the kindergarten teachers always know exactly what's going on at home because little children repeat every thing. he says he always crosses the street when he sees his kids ganenet coming towards him because he's positive she knows something about him that he doesn't want her to know

  6. I just recently heard the same exact thing! I can't remember who told it to me. (I don't have your e-mail address, but I think I put mine up, so e-mail me, I wonder if its the same person)

    But yea its amazing how much kids know. Actually one of the kids I babysit for she came home from school and her mother asked her what she learnt today. She answered her that she learnt about diets. That if her teacher eats a lot she will get fat. lol. Then today she says to me I never saw you wear that skirt, your always wearing denim. Its so funny how they notice everything, more than me even.


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