Friday, March 28, 2008

Purposely by Accident.....I TOLD YOU SO!

Most accidents happen unintentionally. Nobody wants to purposefully fall off a building, drown, or get into a car accident, (unless their suicidal). Children are the same way. However, some times I feel like their putting themselves in danger that they can avoid.

When the kid I babysit is running down the block and I tell her not to run cause then she will fall. She will say, but I won't fall. So then I say of course you don't want to fall, but no body falls on purpose, its an accident, and by running you may fall. But of course she doesn't understand this concept yet. So when she did run, and fell and her knee started bleeding, she was crying and made me carry her. I carried her to the house, and the whole time I felt like saying, I told you so, but I didn't.

One time the kids wanted an apple, and they like it peeled, so I took out the peeler to peel it. Then one kid said she wanted to peel her fruit, I told her its dangerous and she may hurt herself. But the same thing happened, she said she will be carefull and won't hurt herself. I let her peel it, she was doing a good job. The mother came home then, and she hadn't got hurt, I was relieved. But then a few minutes later after the mother saw she was peeling the apple, and let her peel it, then the peeler slipped and she cut her finger.

Again, the same thing, no one plans to get hurt, everyone says "I won't get hurt". But if you put yourself in danger, and there's a chance of getting hurt, then its no longer an accident. It could be called on purpose, because you did it knowing you might get hurt.


  1. same with riding bikes i dont wanna wear a helmet i wont fall dont worry and then waaa waaaa i told you to wear a helmet i all better it didnt hurt.

  2. yup, that happens. definitely.

    But you should know that if kids weren't so sure that they wouldn't get hurt, they'd never learn any of the skills that they need to learn.

    Teenagers are this way too. Noone would learn to drive if they didn't believe that they couldn't get hurt!

  3. If you had an on purpose no one would feel bad for you. Who feels bad for the fellow that drove his car into a tree, on purpose. Call it an accident, than thats a whole other story.

  4. opinion: That's true, I didn't think of the helmets.

    Yoni: good point, its good children have this sense of bravery so they can learn how to do new things without being afraid. Like even swimming, its better when they learn young cause then their not scared of the water. Then when it comes to my age, its too late already.

    Childish behavior: good point, that's true. Also, people want pity when their hurt, they don't want to hear people blaming them for not being careful enough.
    But yea, if someone would hear on the news that a man drove into a tree on purpose, people would call him crazy.

  5. babysitter, I'll quote a friend of mine: "its not brave it you're not scared!"

    This isn't bravery, this is reckless and foolish bravado.


    (I think, maybe I have that word wrong.)

    but yes, its usefull.

    But whatabout those real "on purpose accidents"? where the kid just doesnt' care and therefore is careless and sends his hand through a glass pane because he wasn't watching where he pushed the door open from cause he didn't care?

  6. Your right, the correct word is courageous, the balance between recklessness/foolishness and cowardness.

    So yea I think that may have been what I was referring to earlier.
    Although the person does care about their hand, they don't want it to get hurt, but their negligent about watching what their doing with their hand.

  7. My parents tell me that when I was younger, they told me like 5 times that I shouldn't touch the iron or else I'll burn myself...

    Then my mom turned away for ONE second and she heard screaming...

    Still dont get it, why would any kid want to touch the iron? Is it cuz its shiny?

  8. because they want to feel how hot it is, duh.


    they want to know how hot is too hot.


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