Thursday, February 28, 2008

City Buses

This post doesn't really have to do with kids so much, although there's an important lesson. The lesson is, think of your kids before you do something stupid that could get you in trouble and take you away from your kids.

Tonight, when I finished my class, I came to the city bus stop to see an empty city bus waiting by the corner, and I wonder why no one is going on. Then I look around, and I see three police cars, with police men by the corner. I ask some people what happened, and they told me. It appears, this goyish lady was going on the city bus, and she had her sister and niece there. She went on first and she was halfway up the steps of the bus and she was waiting for her sister to come with her child on the bus. The bus didn't want to wait and was closing the doors. So the lady spit at the bus driver. The bus driver then smacked the lady.

Now I don't know who was at fault here, the lady was wrong to spit at the bus driver. The bus driver was wrong to hit the lady. But its a crime to assault a bus driver and the lady will probably go to jail now. Maybe the lady will sue the MTA now, I dunno.

As I was waiting by the corner, I stood next to one of the police man that was interviewing a witness to hear exactly what happened. The person confirmed what the other people told me. Then I also got to hear the lady telling the cops what happened in first person. So the information was confirmed by all of them.

Meanwhile, the bus driver was just sitting in his seat, calm, with one police man questioning him, which I couldn't hear. The lady on the other hand was screaming at the police man.


  1. If you would ever work with people with Autism or Downs, you would know that they are far more capable of communicating than is a dog. Not only that, but many of them are more communicative and expressive than your average "normal" person. If you open your mind to that, you will see. I have spent time with them my whole life and have never been injured in any way by them. Not only that, but I'm closer to some of them than to most other people in the world. They have feelings, and they like to share. Just thought I'd give you my two cents....

  2. Yea, I'm aware they have feelings and they're really exceptional people. I guess there are different levels, and there are those that can communicate really well, like the high functioning ones. But the special people that I know personally, I've tried talking to them, but their speech is slurred and I can't understand them.
    I might make a post about it. I did improve somewhat, I actually went into a HASC house once. Something I thought I would never be able to do.

  3. btw, along the topic of the city buses, about parents not doing stupid things to get them taken away from their kids. There's a story of a Jewish man who didn't want to pay his traffic ticket, so he tried bribing the police officer with 50 dollars and instead got himself in jail and taken away from his children.

  4. i think it goes along with setting bad examples for your people who yell at waiters in front of their kids..or fight with cashiers...why would you want to teach your child to do something like that? just becuase someone is getting paid for their service doesn't give you the right to treat them like dirt

  5. yea, good point. Which reminds me its always nice to tip people who do a service for you.
    For some reason people they treat their cleaning ladies or other people who do a service for them, not so nicely.
    But your right the kids see the way you treat these people and you don't want to set a bad example.

  6. i never had a problem not being treated well when i babysat. it cracked me up once when the woman told me "I'm sorry, i didn't have a chance to finish cleaning up, and moishy is still up" and she was all apologetic about it! hello...that's why you're hiring me! last week i babysat for a couple who brought back sushi for me1

  7. yea, with babysitting everybody's been really nice to me. lol they always say sorry the house is a mess.

    That was nice of them to bring you back sushi.

    By me once they asked me if I wanted something cause they were by a store, I said no thanx. But a different time someone else brought me something to take home. Other times people make home made food and leave it on the table if I want, or they wrap it up for me to take home. Their very thoughtful people.

    There's also the money issue, which I think I'll make a post about. For some reason they always give extra. One said she does because she's afraid I won't come back, I told her not to worry.

  8. ha. you want to hear messy? so i babysat in this house that was so messy, i was nauseous. the house was huge, and there was stuff everywhere. but i mean everywhere! so i was sitting on the couch wishing very much that the lady would come home soon so i could leave, and i was looking at the kitchen. the kids had been baking before i got there, and every single ingredient was on the counters (i usually clean up, even if the mess was there when i got there, but i really couldn't clean up, i didn't know where to start) there was a pot of pea soup left out from supper. it was getting congealed and cold. all of a sudden, their dog (a gorgeous golden retriever) walked over to the stove, put her paws on counter, stood up, and started eating RIGHT OUT OF THE POT! i almost threw up. so i was like "uh...guys your dog's eating from the pot" and one kid say "down, Ali" in a very half-hearted way, and the other kid said "oh she always does that" i swear i almost ran out right then and there. I've never been back there since

  9. Oy, just the title of the post makes me cringe. The buses in Brooklyn are so horrible. The most interesting, though, are the ones in Boro Park, like the B11, for example. There are chassidish guys standing nose to nose with shiksas, Bais Yaakov girls sitting next to old Polish men; just a wide assortment of people thinking "I hope nobody sees me here!"

  10. frumcollegegirl: I'm scared of dogs so I wouldn't babysit in a house with a dog even if it was locked in a room. Which somebody on my block has, but I told them no. But that does sound messy.

    a23: I actually love going on city busses cause you get to see all kinds of people there. Just like college. You can look at all the people on the bus and make all kinds of observations. lol, that's true though about the B11, I remember going on that a lot last year. I remember seeing chasidish woman teachers and I also saw polish people.
    Its funny though cause when I was in HS I went the same time every day in the morning and there were these regular people I would always see every day. I remember this one polish lady with her son. It brings back memories...

  11. hello, people watching is like one of my favorite sports! it's up there with skiing. except it's not so cool when people notice you watching them. they tend to react in unpredictable way...


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