Thursday, February 7, 2008

Major Irresponsibility

Today as I was coming home from my 3-5 babysitting job I passed by a van with the door open and I saw a little girl in the car seat. No one was with her, and there was no one outside. I figured I'd wait there a little just to make sure someone gets her from the car. I reasoned that maybe the mother went shopping and had a lot of bags so first she brought the bags in and then was gonna come back out to get the kid. Five minutes passed, then ten minutes and still no one appeared. The kid saw I was waiting there, so she started crying a bit. I moved closer to the van and I asked her if her mother or father was driving, she said no each time I asked. I asked her which house she lived in and she pointed in the general direction of a house. I asked her if it was the one with the arts and crafts on the door and she said yea. So I took her out of her car seat, got her library books which she had in her hand and brought her to her house. I rang the door bell, no one answered, I figured maybe its broken, I tried knocking on the window, I knocked a few times and no one answered. Meanwhile I knew someone was in the house because minutes before while I was watching the kid in the car I saw the door of that house shut. Just then a neighbor of that house goes to his door. I said "Excuse me" and told him I found the kid in the car and no one was answering the door. He went inside, got his wife to call the girl's house and then her siblings came to open the door.

This whole thing got me really upset, I was crying inside for this little four year old girl. I kept conversation going with her she she shouldn't start crying and get scared. I asked her what school she went to and other questions, she answered all of them. Now imagine if it was some stranger off the street, a kidnapper chas veshalom could have came and this kid would have went with them. It really scares me. I don't understand how a parent could leave a kid in a car and forget about the kid, she was seat belted in her car seat she couldn't have gotten out if not for me passing by and taking her out. I can't imagine how a parent could not realize that a kid is missing.


  1. wow thats really depressing...

    poor girl... its just so unjust.

  2. very sad :(

    Hopefully this is just a one time lapse for the parent, or whoever it was...

  3. You did a great thing. You are so right. The parents endangered their young child.


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