Monday, February 4, 2008

Ice Cream Time!

The kids I was babysitting decided they wanted Ice Cream. I called the mother and she said they went to bed nicely the night before so they could have Ice Cream. I took the Ice Cream out of the freezer, got bowls and spoons ready. Then the kids decide they want sprinkles, so they go to the cabinet and take out sprinkles. I let them put it on their ice cream. Then I swept up the sprinkles that fell. One kid takes a lick of her ice cream then she's like "ewwww I feel sick". I'm wondering what happened then she said she ate seeds. I looked at the label for one of the black "sprinkles" and I saw it said poppy seeds. So I gave them new scoops of Ice Cream, without sprinkles!


  1. LoL. thats a cute story. Atleast you have nice kids. The kid I used to babysit for would probably have said something like "I thought adults knew how to read!"

    though I love him, and miss him terribly, He was one loud mouth of a child :). lol

  2. adorable...

    somewhat off topic, one of the neighborhood children (who loves me... at last check) has taken to telling me "go away" after greeting me with a large smile.

    a couple of months ago she was telling me "you bad. You go in time out" with a broad smile. (and apperantly not getting the concept, proceeding to sit in my lap.

    if thats what she wanted she could have just asked!

    (and somewhat more on topic, the same child absolutely loves tomatoes. Her older sister, however, hates them, but everytime she sees her younger sister eating them she just has to try one soon... which then ends up decorating the floor.)

    kids are really cute.

  3. I've never heard a kid say such a thing before, she must be really young then.
    Although the second part of her saying "you bad. You go in time out" makes more sense. Cause then she's acting like the parent and kids like to make believe.
    That's funny, a lot of times kids don't like something and then they see someone else eating it and all of a sudden they want it and then they don't eat it. I see that a lot of times.

  4. Lol. Kids are sooo precious. I love when they try acting like the adult. :)

  5. Really funny but you know kids these days. I want this this and this they don`t really read the label.You should know something like that happened to my sister who also babysits.LOL


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