Sunday, February 17, 2008

Time to Study

Although babysitting at night can be very boring since the kids are sleeping and there's nothing to do, its actually the best time to study. In HS whenever I had reports to do, I would save it for when I went babysitting and while the kids were sleeping I would be able to read the book for my report and write up a page or two.

At home I'm always procrastinating cause I feel like I have an endless amount of time, and I'm just not in the mood of studying, reading, and I always get distracted with more entertaining stuff. I always did all my studying the morning of the test, I would wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 to study for the test, and I found studying on the citi bus to be very productive as well.

Here, when I'm babysitting I'm forced to do school work, since there's nothing else to do, and I can't escape it. I'm able to concentrate cause the house is quiet, and I know I have to get it done within a limited amount of time. So now instead of dreading babysitting at night, I look forward to it, it keeps me in check with all my school work.


  1. oy. I hate babysitting at night because I actually find more distraction at the place I'm babysitting. Usually there are magazines laying around (that I don't have at home) or books that seem interesting. I feel like I have the opportunity to explore a whole new world. I never get any school work done when I babysit, even if I really really try 2!
    I'm not saying I don't procrostinate or get distracted at home, its just that stuff at home is so...well...ordinary. lol.

  2. lol, your too funny!
    Seems like your the adventurous type, that's very true though that you have the opportunity to explore a whole new world. I never looked at it that way. Just once or twice I looked around at the books, once I looked at the picture albums, it depends what's on their book case, sometimes its nothing interesting.

  3. What a nice blog you have here! I've had so many different babysitters take care of my kids in the past, and you sound like a really terrific one. It's interesting for an ol' Mom like me to hear the babysitter's perspective.

  4. Thanx!
    Thanx again, I appreciate that!

  5. it's so funny, i agree with frumskeptic, i can't usually get work done when i'm babysitting, unless i know that i have a test the next day and i haven't started studying yet (which is what happened last semester)

  6. I babysit too, and for me it depends on where I'm babysitting. If it's a new place, it's distracting - especially if they have a tv and/or cool books.

    I have used the tactic of bringing school work with me though and have actually done quite well on occasion. In general I work better in familiar settings.

  7. Yea, I guess for everyone its different.
    Tonight I'm actually going babysitting and I can't think of any school work to do, except to type up a review for my midterm on Friday, so maybe I'll bring my laptop there and read some blogs too while I'm at it...


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