Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"I Want Candy"

It seems to be a universal thing, as soon as you walk in the house you get hungry. The triplets I babysit for, after I take them off the bus and bring them home, right away their hungry. They run to the cabinet with the nosh and they want to take candy. The mother doesn't want them eating candy cause its not good for their teeth...So I tell them they can't have candy and they have to wait till their Ima comes home to eat.

But their little and they don't have patience to wait that half hour. I get them to do their homework first, which the 2 girls seem to enjoy doing, and they finish their Kryah right away, the boy however doesn't like doing his homework, so while the girls do their homework, the boy goes to the kitchen looking for something to eat. He ends up finding a candy, now once he takes one, of course the other 2 want also, and I can't say yes to one and no to the others, so I end up giving them each some sort of nosh to eat.

The mother makes supper when she comes home from work, so there's no food prepared for them when they come in. I used to make them oatmeal or give them some cerial to munch on and that worked. But now all they want is candy. So they would go through all the candies, I would let them have chocolate coins or a wafer, or something with less sugar. Sometimes they want a taffy and I try to say no, but...

Back to the homework part, something I noticed is boys just don't like doing homework, could be because they have a mitzvah to learn. I see this all the time, girls do their homework right away, and boys just try to push it off and give everyone a hard time. I've seen this in many families. Maybe it has something to do with the boys school's too which is another discussion.


  1. sorry its off topic, but on your "activities to do while babysitting" you forgot "read a story"!

    (or maybe help them make up a story and transcribe it for them.) :)

    and yes, refraining from giving them candy can be hard, especialy after they've learned you're a marshmellow, but you have to just buckle down and tell them "i'm sorry but I can't get you candy" and maybe give them carrots or something instead.

    kids wont let themselves starve if there is food available, and if you get them to eat something enough, they'll learn to like it.

  2. thanx for pointing that out, I added it to the list. That happens to be a good point, I noticed the kids love making up stories to make little books for themselves. I noticed one of the girls stories has the same theme repeating, its always about a little baby being boring who grew up to be pretty and then she got married, had a baby who grew up to be pretty and got married...

    Yea, if there was a substitute of food that I would be able to find to give them that would help.


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