Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crossing Guards

There are all different types of crossing guards. Some are very friendly, and get to know the kids they see on a regular basis, then there are those that just do the job of crossing the kid. Then there are those that are really into their job and direct traffic in addition to crossing the kid.

As a side point, one thing I noticed is that all the crossing guards I know have blond hair.

The crossing guard by HS was really into her job, she would cross those that got off the city bus to the block of the school. It was a big street with cars always turning from a six lane highway into a 2 lane street. When the light was flashing and it was about to become green for the cars, she would tell us to wait and not cross the street. But there were always those girls who wanted to run across the street anyways, and she would give them an admonishing look.

The bus stop of the triplets that I babysit for are next to a public school, so there are crossing guards on both corners. One is very quiet, and just sees a kid coming and starts walking in the street with him. Then the other one is so friendly, she talks to the kids asking them how their day was, if she notices something in their hand she'll ask about it.

In either case, I always thought crossing guards had such an easy job, that they barely do anything. But now I realize in the winter its the hardest to have to stay outside in the freezing cold. Now that I know what its like from waiting by the bust stop for like a half hour or 45 minutes sometimes, I see its not such an easy job after all.


  1. I remember once I was waiting for the bus and was passed by the one I was supposed to get on, and so I had to wait 2 hours in like 20 degree weather with a really cold windchil for another one, and I'd lost my gloves a bit before and the thing that covers me ears, and I didn't know when the next bus was either, so I couldn't go inside. :(

  2. The crossing guard by Mesores is not blond. lol. (sometiems i get off on AVE I instead of H if I'm running early to classes)...anyway... It is hard standing outside like that. poor crossing guards.
    Poor you...I definitly do not miss that from MY own babysitting days.

  3. lol, so I guess not all are blond.

    But yea, its horrible waiting in the freezing cold. The thing is I like to get places early cause I don't want to be late, so here it works against me if I come early. So I have to figure out just the right time to come so I don't have to wait extra.

  4. oyyy..good luck with finding the "right time". when i finally mastered that, the school switched drivers. and then i used to get really fed up (i sometiems ahd to wait 30-45 minutes longer than usual, and each day was diffeernt so not like i could come later) so the kids mom called the school, and the driver took my cell numner and called me when he was a few blocks away, so i got to wait in the warm apt. :)


  5. wow, that's really nice and convenient, that's good it worked out for you!
    By me its basically all houses, so there's no real place that I could wait. Although sometimes mothers come with cars, so then I could technically ask if I could wait inside with them, but I don't because I don't know them well enough to ask.


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