Thursday, February 14, 2008

When Kids are Sick

One thing I've noticed is that when someone is sick, all of a sudden everyone is nice to them. I see this a lot with siblings by the kids I babysit for. Now last night one of the triplets had a fever.

His sisters happened to have these doctor and dentist stuff, because that day in school a girl in their class's mother came to school as a community helper and told the class about her job as a dentist and the day before they learned about doctors and made paper stuff that a doctor uses, like a stethoscope, something to take the blood pressure, a stick for the mouth, band aid, and a needle. The dentist gave: a toothbrush, 2 types of toothpaste, the regular kid and the kind the dentist uses in that little cap, a blue paper bib, x-ray cards, floss, little blue cups to rinse your mouth. So now the kids wanted to play make believe doctor and dentist.
They also wanted to use their doctor and dentist stuff on their sick brother, but he didn't enjoy that part too much.

But they were so kind and caring to their brother who was sick, they brought him down his blanket and pillow so he can lay down on the couch. When they were playing Lego, they built him a ship and a robot so he can play with it. They made a puppet show for him, and brought him his microphone so he can sing. One of the triplets has such a cute motherly voice its adorable.

I'm not sure if this is just a triplet thing or its like that everywhere. I know by me (I have a twin brother) when we were younger I would feel his pain so much. When he would get punished because he wasn't doing HW or something I would cry and wouldn't let my father punish him. The connection still continues somewhat as we get older. But then again it could be like that with all siblings.

Even the kid himself who is sick behaves so much better, all of a sudden he is such a good kid, its amazing. But then again I guess its a Bracha when kids act up cause it shows their healthy.


  1. I think its a normal family thing.

  2. I agree with Yoni. Seems normal.

    btw, I hope the kid feels better if he doesnt already!!

  3. Its a 100% normal thing for families


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