Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Jumping Elephants

This is a story I wrote in 10th grade for my creative writing class, we each got 2 letters and we had to think of a title with those 2 letters, mine were J and E, so I chose "Jumping Elephants". Recently I was reading a children's book and I realized how children's books are best at teaching lessons to kids, their the most educational books, and even adults can read them.

A new arcade game store was opening up for all the kids in the neighborhood. All the kids were so excited they all wanted to be the first one to play the new games. There was a huge line coming from the front of the store.

Inside they had all kinds of games but what was special about this store was the theme of the store: Jumping Elephants all the games had elephants in it. There was a bowling game but instead of regular bowling pins, you had to knock down little mini plastic elephant pins. All the games had something to do with elephants.

They were doing so well that all the stores wanted to put an animal theme to their store. The grocery store put the theme flying horses to their store. All the aisles were decorated with horses. The receipts had horses stamped on to it. This new idea attracted new customers. They were making a lot of money. Soon all the stores all over the world were named after animals, It literally became a zoo. All the stores had competition over whose animal theme was better.

One favorite animal that all the kids liked to act like was the famous monkey. Soon all the kids started acting like monkeys. At home, they were jumping on the furniture, making animal sounds, and eating like animals.

In school, the halls were filled with kids who just could not sit still and were making a ruckus. The teacher’s lost control over the students. All the kids wanted to learn about was animals and playing animal games.

All the adults got fed up, their children didn’t listen to them anymore.

They decided to make a rally against animal related stores. They went up and down the street closing down the new animal stores.

Later, the children came home and wanted to go play in the new store, The Jumping Elephants. When they got there, they saw it wasn’t there anymore, it closed down. They didn’t know what to do now that there was no animal stores. Then they heard a new game store was opening. This one, however, was a regular game store, just like the old ones used to be before The Jumping Elephants came to their neighborhood. They had a lot of customers, but at least it didn’t turn the whole world into a zoo.


  1. cute.

    as a side note you know someone has been focusing on becoming a teacher for way to long when you start to mentaly grade every paper that comes in to your hands. :)


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